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lancel bags 'shout'my fierce next body
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TOPIC: lancel bags 'shout'my fierce next body

lancel bags 'shout'my fierce next body 11 months, 1 week ago #105240

  • kvzdpcx29
Of the cavalry soldier sank into extreme disorder status!The soldier of player influence's growing the great majority is entry-levels the soldier grow a list to pick probably cavalry soldier of canning not compare with the Turkic, but be now confusion of ride a soldier after being grown by various soldiers surround and ride the soldier's characteristic don't use violence of ride a soldier to seem to be under the circumstance of ground thus have no dint.
"Eldest brother caution!"'Bang'a firewood bravely and greatly chop down knife horizontal at my in front, one rides positive hands of soldier to hold machete bad mercilessly stare at me, I stretch hand to hold tight his arm to make an effort a to pull will it the draw down fight horse the bayonet quickly once rowed its neck later on, bringing several rates of fatal injury to NPC soldier to want to far compare would get Class Gao De Duo.
"Ding!Congratulate your pet Du Du wolf advanced spoil for war!"
"Ding!The pet Du Du wolf that congratulates you on comprehends technical ability-Hao call!"
Don't know to kill how much NPC soldier after, suddenly receive a system hint Du Du the wolf Be getting more advanced, hope to watch from a distance the moxa rice wolf of Du Du within bosom at this time its body figure have already grown up several!Hoping of moxa rice surprise the wolf of Du Du put it to in the ground, the height of the wolf of Du Du had already arrived my waist border to approach an adulthood wolf very much at this time.
'Ao~oh'just learned the wolf of Du Du of new technical ability urgently displayed Hao call technical ability, saw inside the surroundings more than ten rices scope regardless enemy of horse sits ride be like is frightenned a sort, in succession face upward fall back freed to pulling and dragging of host still from a distance Shan the technical ability function of the wolf of Du Du scope!Is very good!Incredibly ability ego comprehend technical ability, see to a deluxe pet not only outward appearance than common of the horse is good-looking still have already concealed a constitution, don't know the wolf of Du Du in future will can't make me multiply by to ride it and affirm at that time very special and spectacular!Not only scene those ride a horse of still have to let a way for me...
After more than a hour, numerous small battlefields also all stop next two big tents fighting only a camp still round many players and NPC soldier and slowly walked past see a mix body bath of blood of the great commander brandish to begin medium huge stick to do the flounder of end.
"The brotherses make me up have already killed him to end!"
"TMD is really fierce to!The round dies one person"
Hope great commander surroundings the number is inside the rice scope horizontal seven Shus eight of pour several player corpse bodies, get out of predicament unnoticed~go in secret, I held a bayonet to round an enemy will of after death empty, 'shout'my fierce next body, good dangerous!His huge stick almost wipes my head
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