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collection lancel The gold dragon is knowing to say with smile in the sea.Although it is very exhausted
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TOPIC: collection lancel The gold dragon is knowing to say with smile in the sea.Although it is very exhausted

collection lancel The gold dragon is knowing to say with smile in the sea.Although it is very exhausted 11 months, 2 weeks ago #86630

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Inside, for looking for time of a spare time, and again don't bother, Liu Lian especially the idea think that the armed forces captain asks for leave, then a person stays here and prepares a chain to turn that chain heart grass.
"Liu Lian has already readied to?"Know sea gold Long Wen Dao.
"Boon!Start."Liu Lian finishes saying and shuts eyes right away, he wants to make the gold dragon comes to control his body and come to chain to turn that chain heart grass with this.When Liu Lian again opens eyes,,
collection lancel, his eye Tong has already become a gold color, the gold dragon has already controled his body.
After gold dragon controled the body that Liu connects, it makes that chain heart grass from that jade wear right away and make use of mentality chase it flotage of before the body two meters place.Meanwhile,, from it among that aureate eye Tong,
lancel wallet price, by leap and bound project one silk aureate ray of light.
lancel paris bags......
"Liu Lian!Good."
About an and a half hours after, before gold Long Shen that transparent porcelain bottle inside would be to pack a slightly take an aureate tablet.Gold Long Zhi Hui Liu connects a , it would is to shut ascend eyes!
"Good!"Liu Lian opens eyes and excitedly holds the bottle of center of palm.This is the baby!"Gold dragon, it, it really make me stronger!"
"Boon."Know sea in, gold Long Zheng writes some faint astral eyes way.The chain turns this time,
valise lancel,, can absorb more easily for the sake of Liu Lian, it but descend generous.Use it absolute being Long Yi Zu the most precious Jing soul fusion enter that chain heart grass inside, know this absolute being Long Jing Po is in this temporarily unknown world,
wholesale lv handbags, also only gold dragon just own.It is willing to do like this, is also to Liu Lian great approbation, to come is also should, after all this world he and it is from a world.
"Liu Lian, you fight for time to a chain to turn now!"
Because body is in the army camp, so Liu Lian can't have more opportunities to get along with alones.So this time, the gold dragon speeds up Liu Lian to hurry up a self-discipline chain to turn, the real strenght is getting stronger, he is to fill by the side of this of the ground Be many to live the capital of life for several cents.
"Boon."If Liu Lian listenned to a gold dragon and sit with crossed knees to sit upright right away, prepare to start a chain turning!
Liu connects to put that tablet to the mouth a side, he is some to worry of hoping and watching from a distance that tent doorway.
"Stop worrying, I will see."
The gold dragon is knowing to say with smile in the sea,
sac lancel adjani prix.Although it is very exhausted,it absorbs for the sake of better Liu Lian, it can continue.
"Boon!Okay."Put that tablet into mouth right away after Liu Lian echoes.But after getting in touch with the lips that Liu connects, the that tablet's instant is melted.It immediately is a pure a way energy to go toward to visit all over from his body upper part.But Liu Lian Zheng
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