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ray ban av?ator Shaolin Temple below the hills officer way the east connect Zheng Zhou
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TOPIC: ray ban av?ator Shaolin Temple below the hills officer way the east connect Zheng Zhou

ray ban av?ator Shaolin Temple below the hills officer way the east connect Zheng Zhou 11 months, 2 weeks ago #86608

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Room mountain, depend on five behind nipple bottom, cluster mountain wreath Zhi, river water long flow,,
ray ban av?ator, the wood is exuberant, beautiful scenery You, because it is been located to little room mountain woods in, past"Shaolin Temple",
Cross mountains Tuo to the back of Shaolin Temple, long live here, teach Hinayana.Hinayana is with from set free for purpose of earlier period India Buddhism.Came Shaolin Temple to beg reaching to of method several hundred people at that time, Gao Zu's pupil had the Hui light, monk dense etc. person.Cross mountains Tuo to after spreading method spread a light to transfer, don't continue to develop,
ray ban aviators sale.North Wei filial piety Chang three year Gautama's 28th generation Buddha Tu bodhi Bodhidharma last to arrive Shaolin Temple for three years, face the wall for nine years and found Chan.Buddhism field calls that the Bodhidharma is "beginning Zu" of Chinese Buddhism Chan, Shaolin Temple is praised as "Zu court" of Chan.However, make Shaolin Temple truely world famous of but combining not only only is a Chan, but also have martial arts!Particularly save queen Tang from 13 stick monks, little effort wood spreads fame the four seas more.From have:"The sky puts forth effort a little wood, little hat world of effort wood."A say.Is so-called, ten thousand flow to return a religion, little effort wood is eventually a source head.
Wide dollar in Sichuan has one landlord old laurel, have no children, the early years once sent down a great wish to the Buddha Zu:If is old to come son, wish to remould a gold body for Buddha Zu.Don't think, next year nine Yis are too then its Dan next sons.The old laurel is jubilantly happy, hence Su the gold Buddha of one Chinese foot Gao, take this day servant, embark wagon, the not far long distance redeems a vow pledged on joss-stick of Shaolin Temple, enter contributions Buddha.
All the way the 2 people hard journey arrives at foot in Shaolin Temple,'t expect,, Shaolin Temple because of past shut a temple.Go back and forth a long distance, the heart is unwilling,,
ladies oakley sunglasses.Servant at this time dedicate ascend on accounting, "the of kindness to fellowmen in Shaolin Temple far sow, our pretending is robbed by the robber, how does Shaolin Temple have the truth to sit on the sideline disregard?By that time once the gate to a monastery open,
mens ray bans, we then can speak clear purpose and enter a contributions Buddha, wish."Once the old laurel listen to, there is reason.Hence the life servant takes off Ma Yuan, thing in the car compartment pours to spare and scatter 1 ground,
sac adjani lancel, and then push the car compartment slanting.Then, oneself holds close to pack the small wood box of gold Buddha, call the servant cry to shout, "is quick to come to save a person where, have- strong- thief-"
Shaolin Temple below the hills officer way the east connect Zheng Zhou, the west connects Luo sun, is the then transportation main route, have traffic process.Then stop next wagon of Chang Peng while being different.What to rush through a car is that is thin Gao the old, Diao wear 1 Chinese foot come to grow of big tobacco pouch.Sit inside the car the middle age scholar of the all over the face sickly appearance.The old man up and down conjectures lord servant 2 people and vomits a smoke turn to ask:
"In broad daylight under, here don't far leave gate to a monastery in Shaolin Temple again, does Er etc. how can meets a robber?"
The servant is skillful, connect a words way:"This good heart of uncle,
lancel handbags official website, we lord the servant is 2 people, the not far long distance comes to joss-stick of Shaolin Temple to redeem a vow pledged.Don't think, the eye sees gate to a monastery within sight, but jumps without basis a severals to receive
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