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lancel french flair looking at Tang Shi
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TOPIC: lancel french flair looking at Tang Shi

lancel french flair looking at Tang Shi 11 months, 1 week ago #86556

  • aznszukh60
See fly,
lancel french flair, eat too slowly!"Good heart of, Tang Shi again give rare can push one dish meat vegetables.
", Thank young lady!"Be overwhelmed by special favor,
sac a mains lancel, rare satisfied contain very wet hot tears, looking at Tang Shi, no longer hesitate, a head of is firm to enter a meat plate.
"Ge Ge ……" beats satisfied Ge and walks down the avenue, a go 4 people walk toward the Tao treasure board of trade to.
"Fly, eat how?Next time I then order for you how?"The inquiry way that Tang Shi walks on air sees 2 people eating so cleanly, do-it-yourself's getting thing must be very delicious!
"Like, next time sometimes you do again!"Chu flies to say, not from Pie one eye is rare to preach:"Being rare can, you don't forget to come over when the time comes, you are to have the person of blessing!"
", BE, BE, BE!!!"One face big sweat, rare can hurriedly polite preaching.
Several person's while speakings, the Tao treasure board of trade has been already arrived, however sale meeting of time obviously haven't arrived, Chu flies to by this time and then preach:"Walk, we go first to see old friend to say again!"
So,, Chu flies to take the lead,
wholesale louis vuitton, they not from walk toward the doorway of cloud Feng that small store first to.
"Weng Weng ……" is very noisy miscellaneous heavy disorderly, what a guy, haven't arrived, immediately be frightenned by the crowd that grow crazy a sort before that a heap of in the door, these people are both male and female, is old is little, the physique is also each not same,, they delivered a forward pushing of the crazy sort, is also Gao Gao Ju in its hand evil work properly a ticket or document a type of thing to swing.
How so many people?Chu flies also pretty surprised of, however he would not like to go to a heel their these people is hard crowded,
lancel 5 �� 7, he at this time not from toward in yell a "cloud Feng, I came, you at in,"
"I at, I at,
lancel french flair!"The surprise shouts a voice to spread from the crowd,, however moment drive abuzz crowd to press down.
"Stop, stop, all***shut up for me,
lancel in london, who if again crowded, I didn't cooperate with him!"Suddenly, a courageously the Nu greatly drink a voice to make the whole flock of people all calmed down down and looking at cloud Feng in succession, a burst of don't understand of, stem hair so great temper?To know all of us are your guests!
"Step aside, all step aside!"Push away crowd, cloud Feng arrived at the in front that Chu flies, preaching with surprises all over the face:"Mr. Chu, you finally came,, I but want to die you, walk, quick with I enter talk in house!"
So, under the everyone's surprised vision, Chu flies them drive cloud
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