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ray ban new wayfarer polarized they can not ability so leisurely and carefree claver.
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TOPIC: ray ban new wayfarer polarized they can not ability so leisurely and carefree claver.

ray ban new wayfarer polarized they can not ability so leisurely and carefree claver. 11 months, 1 week ago #86495

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Chu can the Qin is as strange as Yue, they 3 are a fighting skill is the tallest in these people,
ray ban new wayfarer polarized.Come down to there are also more than ten top-grade superiors, just that cultured man calls six the Yues were western, dirty way person Sung was strong,, none of everybody deal with, perhaps we ……very dangerous."Thin son to them report these people's background not through wry smile, they totally just seven people,
cheap oakley radar sunglasses, if the maple hasn't attackstoned dint as well, and still very dangerous, leave also farerly, if the Yi son cans not holds up against those people, oneself is perhaps still going to rescue here, Dong Yu Tong's fighting skill again really too low ……the circumstance really allow of no optimistic.
"Yi?Elder sister Lee,
ray ban vision!She how can here?"Dong Yu Tong exclaims and hasn't taken the offensive at the person on the side so much, without any around, they can not ability so leisurely and carefree claver.
"Do not know."
"Hey Hey, can seek him to help favour."
"You are too naive, she at enemy there an I am to come to join a crowd for fun of, he how may help us, and even if want to help, what can she s make?"
"E ……this pours is also."Dong Yu Tong immediately lost power.
"You don't want to what stuff so very not, now but be surrounded of, " Chen Chu Xin sees them too carefree and cannot help but exporting small remind bottom.
"Hey Hey ……we this calls leisurely and carefree, this completely complain of hard lot medium have a good time."
"We also not the ability stand so, the elder sister and that smelly Taoist priest beat not a cent top and bottom, if others again join,, the elder sister necessarily hurts beyond doubt, let's also make moves."The thin son says,
cheap oakley sunglasses.
"Good."4 people who round immediately start a hand, Dong Yu Tong deals with these little Luo Luos not so bad, be unlikely to harm oneself, the thin son is getting more severe,, those people once saw someone die at her the sea don't dare to rush at her again under Wang Jian and far and far averted from her,,
wayfarer ray bans.Chen Chu Xin and unique sky of more severe, Chen Chu Xin rays of star sword sword light the place of the flash across was a lot of people a while, drive unique sky of make all over the nerveless person is also many.
Again see small to be fond of to there still calculate equity, all after all is a superior,,
ray ban outdoorsman road spirit, despise in lay siege to, only don't celebrate Feng and little fan is beating.Don't celebrate Feng after all is an elder generation superior, fight experience also more many than her, the little fan temporarily could not has any cheapness.
The condition is getting more confusion, Yi son the persons are few here, but how don't like and deal with as well, if the maple obfuscation doesn't come to, she with difficulty makes the last wagon to her with carter, if this continues, sooner or later a group of persons all want and die here!
Six Yue the west see thin son to have the person whom sea Wang Jian of the blue Rong poison constantly kills a she this place with her Cui, Li Qing Yan blocks not to live him any further, the fury makes him loses her heads kill generally to thin son.
Li Qing Yan blocked not to live to also ignore and stood on the part to see
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