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lancel uk store The Su jade Juan sees Su set up green
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TOPIC: lancel uk store The Su jade Juan sees Su set up green

lancel uk store The Su jade Juan sees Su set up green 11 months, 1 week ago #85904

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Mutually wife godson'!"Liu Tao smile don't smile of say.
"H'm, you so be get hall, go into kitchen good husband!"Chen Meng Xue puts in a word a smile of say.
The words sound of Chen Meng Xue just fell, the owners were all induced a smile.Su is hard, Su the jade Juan, Liu Tao and Chen Meng Xue and open widely a wood Be chatting and running about, about coming out a half kilometer and arriving at a soil Pi structure in the left side half hillside in school house.Su is hard to move to come to four benches, let everyone sit down in the house hall.The Su hard wife makes one cup tea for everybody, then returns to kitchen to cook a meal.
After a while, village master Su sets up green from walk into hall before the building.Su sets up green about about 40 years old, the height is 175 Li rices, the shape isn't fat not thin, the hair manages have a crew cut, the skin is partial to black, the face type is slightly long, the eyebrow is jet black and bushy, eyes are pure brightness, nose just right, the mouth is a little bit partial to breadth, the lips aren't thick not thin, the tooth is pure tidy;He up wears a white grain half sleeve shirt, don't wear a silver light flickering fountain-pen on the breast pocket, descend go together with dark gray west trousers, wear silver white watch on the hand,, wear black sandals on the feet, whole felling with a charming smile.
The Su jade Juan sees Su set up green, 2 people receive a salute mutually,
lancel uk store.Su sets up green very politely say:"Jade Juan, I already a lot of years of don't see you, you have already greatly changed in pattern, if I run into you on the road, perhaps recognize not to come out!"
"Village master, see you say of, I feel nothing important variety by myself,!"Su jade Juan smile's saying.
"Village master, you sit for a while!"The Su hard socket says that and signals hint Su to set up green is nearby sitting down,
ray ban wayfarer tortoise shell.
Su sets up green repeatedly nod, walk to hard Su to nearby sit down.The Su hard wife makes one cup tea later on and deliver to set up for Su green drink.Su jade Juan Liu Tao , Chen Meng Xue and open widely wood toward Su set up green introduction for a while,
lancel maroquinerie femme, and then set up Su green toward Liu Tao , Chen Meng Xue and open widely a wood for a while.Everyone is mutually receive later on, then rambling chat.
At 6:00 p.m., the Su hard daughter is from the kitchen in come out to make everyone have dinner.
Su is hard to take Su to set up green, Su the jade Juan,
gucci shopping bag, Liu Tao and Chen Meng Xue and open widely a wood, continuously walk into a kitchen.Kitchen and restaurant match two to an and see appearance have more than 30 square meters at least.The kitchen wall builds to°from the loess on all sides, there are also a lot of cracks, the roof doesn't calculate Gao and cover with the tile, a little bit the title can see last tile in the roof and wood.The kitchen depends inside the right side the corner have
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