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gucci bag for men "Chu's song
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TOPIC: gucci bag for men "Chu's song

gucci bag for men "Chu's song 11 months, 1 week ago #85713

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Chapter snow mountain Zhai is strong to invite
When Chu's song returns to snow mountain village, snow mountain snow with outside a pile of village wolf corpse already drive snow mountain village the villager divide, leaving is frozen, fresh and red snow layer and very thick bloody flavor,
gucci bag for men.
"E ……snow mountain village how can have one class Xuan the monster believe in Class of superior's existence?"The vision that holds in high esteem at the villager of snow mountain village eyes under, walk into Chu's song of snow mountain village to suddenly feel appeared a superior in snow mountain village,, eyebrows a wrinkly,
louis vuitton purses for cheap, in mind and mumbling way,
"Chu's song, you finally came back, worried dead I!"See Chu's song return, snow mountain village village master the very snobbish Gong body mutually face, for several days ago of not quick, early forget at brain after.
But at nearby, the village master of snow mountain village stands one wears white fox skin Ao and wears skin, shape high big tall and big in stature man, Chu's song just felt of one class Xuan the monster believed in a superior,, was this big fellow to send forth.
"H'm~" Chu the song symbol of ordered to nod to the village master of snow mountain village, the step had no deadlock, want to once round 2 people, returned to white to live in the mountains a ground of log cabin.
"Chu's song, your etc., this is Li Meng's adult, snow mountain Zhai superior!Today comes, is want to invite you to join snow mountain Zhai,
Cheap Cucci Handbgas!Once you join snow mountain Zhai,, the glory honor and riches enjoys it not to exert!"The snow mountain village village master sees Chu's song basically ignore himself/herself and hurriedly obstruct to tell.
"Have no interest~" Chu the song iciness stared at snow mountain village village master's one eye and looking at snow mountain village the village master doesn't live of the countermarch ,, in the cold season, frightenned the cold sweat of a head of.
"E ……boy, you unexpectedly don't give me snow mountain Zhai face, you don't want to think to beat off snow wolves and then can match with my snow mountain Zhai!Tell you, I snow mountain Zhai can destroy the person of snow wolves can't less than 3 people!I advise you to still keep cooperating with me well, otherwise, I promise that you can not eat Dou to walk!"Wear the tall and big in stature big fellow of the Ao of white fox skin Li Meng Wu mercilessly threat way.
"Okay,, I wait, I pour and see how you let me to eat Dou to walk!"Chu's song is tiny tiny on smiling, have no a silk to be afraid and disdain to of Piao an eye wear snow mountain Zhai of the Ao of woman without pubic hair skin one class Xuan the monster believe in superior, Li Meng Dao, .
lancel handbags, you seek dead,!"Feel Chu's song only has one class monster fairy real strenght in sky, lower than oneself six state, snow mountain Zhai superior Lee receives drive Chu song despise of the look in the eyes incensed and roared 1 and coagulated own soul monster Huang Hun's black bear, made a pounce upon Chu's song.
"Hum~" noodles
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