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TOPIC: lancel 75008 "

lancel 75008 " 11 months, 2 weeks ago #85620

  • vamphnbu62
lancel 75008, accept!"
Along with pure the hand that is a to greatly drink this a few miracle drugs to immediately turn to do black light to fly to go into a pure is in jade bottle.
The pure hand held a jade bottle to concentrate a short moment to slowly once turn round to come to way:"Is unknown, refine to build radicle miracle drug for you for the teacher several days, today square the Dan become nine to turn, come, you and sit down."
The king just smelt speech, the heart bottom pretty much appreciated and and smelt pure passage after crossing legs to sit properly:"You the tube quiet mind guard inside, the another matter hands over to teacher, know?"
The king just had some embarrassed ways:"Teacher, what is a quiet mind to guard inside?"
The quiet smells speech a head of almost plant in the Ding.Tiny Nu way:"Being sitting doesn't move indiscriminately, what don't also think!"
King just suddenly realize way:"You so a say I am getting more understand!"
Quiet carried to control breath strong endure have never gone up to choke him of neck!
"Is understand good, you eat this miracle drug first."Quiet once the hand turned over a refining good Xuan color miracle drug to just appear on the hand, the king just once connected deglutition,
chanel bags, the flavor that felt that the flavor rather didn't read son to him good.
"The idea guards pubic region,
louis vuitton taschen outlet, five hearts to``````"The habitual said half of the quiet is strong from beat.Indeed as expected, king just again wanted open mouth ask"like well, don't ask, you what don't also think and then go!"
Say at king just top of head 100 importation together true dollar dint.
This build the radicle Dan is in the true dollar dint of under the catalyst, medicine dint time the line be built the radicle person's viscera, strange through eight veins, being built radicle person's facial expression has to experience successively black, red, green, yellow, white many colors,, this represents the medicine dint have already got into machine body inner part,
lancel bags price, then again from build a radicle person to have finally come to completion for his opening strange through eight veins,, this even if with the true dollar dint.
Is quiet keep in mind a king in a side the facial expression variety just, can etc. small half of two-hour period king the facial expression just still as before, quiet have never had already met this kind of situation, dark paid in the heart:" Is it my chain that build radicle Dan to have a problem,'t ah, this is the reference negative sky of Jue chain of, green spend one money two,
lancel bags, Yu remaining solid half two,
lancel london, daytime star three money, purple Englishes three moneys and many colors Zhi two moneys and fat Ju Dan 32, cinnabar, red orpiment and the one catty for each of 礜 Ci.Right ah!"
The quiet bites,, and then takes out a miracle drug to king just swallowed to take to go, and then waited a short while, didn't°yet action, since a but again that again but three!Hence king just swallowed a miracle drug again, just a took a king the facial expression just have variety from shallow black but jet-black, from shallow red but deeply red``````Then have no action,
Calm down of the heart lifted again and thought a short moment and took out three miracle drug one breaths all of a sudden
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