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cheap2751 11 months, 1 week ago #85348

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"Go," Li Feng showed their children with easy to find an opportunity to leave the sword wherever he went, carnage scattered. FY soon as they blaze a new trail, "to go from here, and walked, fast," Li Feng has just been introduced to ease children, the situation on the sword to kill them stopped to go kill people, although they do not homes, but had no choice but to leave quickly.

"The wind son, little bao zhu you take to protect the mission can not be easily sacrificed, I kill for you a path through, you quickly go, they give up two martial arts are very powerful, will be very dangerous to leave alone," the wind lady is talking on the stabbed the sword left shoulder, she went straight, machete back, cut off the man's throat.

"No, you want to leave is left unencumbered my situation,dame nike sko, you have easy to children, you go first," Storm the sky, sword play, the numerous casualties.

"You can leave," the air flying down a white woman, and then they saw the black people around the arrows one by one down, "the wind son, his wife, and go, and that son is less bao zhu in front. "Feng Shan Xi was originally a command to come to the rescue, see Li Feng Li Yan, who are in, the situation finally put down the hanging of a heart.

"A lot of rivers and lakes have been to kill people, we quickly set off along the way can save how much how much," Li Feng finished, we all got up, ready to go, he suddenly stopped, "this back to you," a things to superimpose the situation, "Little Master's arrangement is so that everyone arrived safely Li Jiabao, I do not want to let him down,dame nike sko."

The moon came to rescue them but not see him a few days, has been so ripe, mouth feel of the rise.

Taking advantage of the vast night, we got up and went to Li Jiabao. Only those wearing the blue robe of the next month alone, eyebrows Jincu, it is extremely disturbing. Xiaoxiang College by the first book, Do not reproduced,herre nike sko!
[Volume II Wulin treasure: chapter 40 in the destruction of the drawings]

Qin bamboo down fluttering in the care, has almost recovered, although the injury is quite severe, away evil, but has also been a lot better,herre nike sko, so the night went to Ye and Li Feng, who closed convergence.

"It did not out of any accident," see Li Feng and others safe,herre nike sko, heart finally relieved to see when the next month alone, my heart is pleased and feel a burst of inexplicable peace of mind,billige toms.

Li Feng Qin have heard that bamboo thing off the fluttering wounded, and now see she has nothing to do, laughed, "Little Master, everything is in your hands, but also the blue and the small son of the Mistress has got to get things, the parties who are also gathered in rivers and lakes closed rule, just waiting for the next step up. "

Arrangements to go to break away evil, Qin turn off the fluttering of men are sent away does not matter, it has been leveling out a quarter of a treasure map, "line entirely consistent, Qin Gongzi, my family did not lie to you master it?" Bamboo Art restoration is quite proud of this man looked down fluttering Qin installed, it is hard to imagine this strategizing is a small woman.

"But you see in this drawing, what? Have any special findings?" We looked a look of surprise appearance, but she outburst, everyone will face sad, because we really do not see this drawing what painting is.

Feng Li a closer look a moment and said, "This is a place,billige toms, but this is not a treasure map of the location is not easy to say, the small master, you see," he said, pointing to the drawings, "which is surrounded by mountains and water, not only the signs writing, the most accurate place to find it is very difficult. "

Qin fall fluttering just seems wrong that this paper can be seen a long time, had not seen anything, so let people have left,dame nike sko, want to own a good quiet.

"Water, water-related and do?" She was a person talking to himself, feels that she a few drawings in his hand, a sweep of her eyes bright blue,billige toms, so true figure will turn over one-third on the table on the front lines is no longer a complex disorder, but one has a towering waterfall landscape, but, missing the following corner, does not look perfect, and then think that all of the verses on the portrait, water, would then slowly flow.

Find the situation, falling back their Purple Haze, a collection of rivers and lakes then people come face to face one-third of the drawings, "Everyone please forensic authenticity, and carefully to see everything on this map," the crowd followed with a puzzled view drawings, including the situation, including, no one understood that in the end how it was.

"Drawing is true, but not a word above, this line may also wish to outline where there is wrong,billige toms, I'd suspect that this treasure map bold regarding whether it was true, or the recovery of the former to the fabrications "After drawing a closer look away Binh Duong said.

"Pindao think so," Wudang hand drawing a head, eyes Ruju, "this matter were numerous in the rivers and lakes to upload, but now I have three other teams to this treasure map, but it is nothing to find, so, I agree, then headed away. "

"This remark is very reasonable," Shaolin conducts master took three drawings, returned to the Qin down fluttering Road, "a martial arts legend Cheats rivers and lakes have been 'comprehension by" a book, in fact, conducts master monk also heard said, This book in the demise of the former, it was late emperor destroyed, I think you should know is the former chair and former master of the royal family passed away with the things right, so the monk can even agree headed away, this treasure map regarding the fear is a fraud, perhaps it was fear of rivers and lakes is not chaos, to stir up trouble and disturb the rivers and lakes. "
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