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even if is Long Kun doesn't dare as well to literally intrude into
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TOPIC: even if is Long Kun doesn't dare as well to literally intrude into

even if is Long Kun doesn't dare as well to literally intrude into 11 months, 2 weeks ago #85332

  • cefrymtpiu
 Zhuo feather in a row flee from home a days and one nights after, just dare to stop for rest.He doesn't know BE, that 100 work properly cat have already been frightenned by his Chi Mao sound in Kowloon the state of mind isn't light, so Long Kun just don't catch up.
The warm jade is an instauration to really annoy the best thing, Zhuo feather at this time just very hungry, he took out some dry ration foods to fill satisfied belly,lancel bags new york, a hour after, he resumed peak status.
The deep place of thousand cloud mountain ranges, the visibility is very low, the Zhuo feather basically can't sees front,ray ban 3030 outdoorsman, he can with lend mentality to respond,, the cloud and mist is more thick, represent the place of place more dangerous, even if is Long Kun doesn't dare as well to literally intrude into,, otherwise he will definitely come down all the way,lancel usa, then repeatedly place the trace that look for Zhuo feather.
"Ha ha, have a demon monster!"Zhuo Yu discovered the trace of a head of demon monster, later on the shadow turns in the past ……
This is the small scaled a head of demon monster,, have already been eaten one greater half by the Zhuo feather, leave of put in the universe bead, in addition to continuing to go forward, he has no choice at this time,cheap polarized sunglasses, because he is worried about that dragon Kun will catch up.
Suddenly, the Zhuo feather discovered these cloud and mists a bit not in the right, he pulled out to break sword and concentrated on the alert!
"How many years?Finally someone came in, we have already taken orally, ha ha ……"
Spread a point laughter in the brain of Zhuo feather, make him feeling greatly terrified, because this voice isn't what he hears,gucci bags uk, but is in the brain that comes from him,lv bags discount!
"Ha ha, young man you are dead settle, you the match of darling for a while, let me absorb your vitality light."
Spread voice like this again in the brain of Zhuo feather.Suddenly, he in the moment appeared one big slice of white falsely shadow, these falsely shadow annoy for fog in the line similar, all present person's shape, greatly is small, they all afloat in the cloud and mist.
The Zhuo feather isn't and lightly also frightenned by these things,, also at this time, numerous white falsely the shadow all fled into inside his body, speed very of quick, let him too late display shadow to turn magical power!
"…… Unexpectedly have these things inside the body of this boy ……"
Zhuo feather feels brains acute pain,, the wail wretched voice of a burst of thinks of in his brain and sometimes fight like the soldier from sergeant in myriad people battlefield of bellow, sometimes like with myriad people together cry generally.
Allowing is much more of the voices all flood in the brain of Zhuo feather, let him feel brain seem will blast open similar, very suffered.His mentality is the strongest, didn't faint, had been all being bearing with to come from pain and sufferings in the brain.
At this time, the all-powerful Jue presents in his brain
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