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lancel bags buy the Ye wore Tang Fei Yue's arm and back and forth fluttered and acted in pettish of say.
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TOPIC: lancel bags buy the Ye wore Tang Fei Yue's arm and back and forth fluttered and acted in pettish of say.

lancel bags buy the Ye wore Tang Fei Yue's arm and back and forth fluttered and acted in pettish of say. 11 months, 1 week ago #85315

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Come out a transmission, see person's bearer of street noodles go toward, excited that the Hao calls and arouses surrounding person's concern.
"Go, go, you don't feel to throw a person,
lancel bags buy, I also feel to throw a person, again not from the prison break out of in sky of!"Tang Fei Yue quickly pulls he is in one side, helpless say,
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Tang Fei Yue is the proper imperial concubine's daughter, the princess of big summer empire is also Tang Shao's six elder sisters and practiced moral teachings in Wu Dou's college for three years nearly, return to do some matter in the temple this time, have never thought Tang Shao also want to college, 2 people then mutually go with road.
"You didn't surround a decade in the temple again, which can experience my feeling!"Tang Shao's complexion a pleased, try to please to say:"Six elder sisters lend some money to spend a flower, my business you also heard, now body up have no a little money!"
", Knew to call my six elder sisters now, at the beginning I ask you to want that Feng at the time that Chai wore, lo lo you that guards a wealth mutually and make me able to die!"Tang Fei Yue's considering as don't hear, selfishly go forward.
"My like six elder sisters ah, your adult doesn't record mean person to lead and hurriedly take some money to spend a flower, otherwise I eat what drink what, beware of to starve in the street,!"Tang Shao quickly makes track for in the past, the Ye wore Tang Fei Yue's arm and back and forth fluttered and acted in pettish of say,
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"Ah, you do me too much honor, you do me too much honor, our nine his highnesses will act in pettish, strange smell!"The full face of Tang Fei Yue is surprised, say with a smile:"The promise lend°s 1,000 gold coins you first, however remembers to return interest when the time comes!"Say and take out a purple crystal currency from the space ring,
"Depend, 1,000 gold coins enough stem what, have a few meal to have no!Add a point again, I return your 10,000 gold coinses when the time comes!"Once Tang Shao Shuang's eye stare and reveal his true colors.
"My nine his highnesses, you are still true be us each is similar to you,
discount lv bags, so wealthy, take 300,000,000 every day gold coin disorderly Cuan, often steal take product in temple, sell to black market to convert money, you aren't rare, I still not give!"Tang Fei Yue Pie his one eye, will take back purple crystal currency,
"Is rare, rare, 1,,000 gold coins are also money, I affirmation hereafter will recompense yours!"Tang Shao quickly robbed purple crystal currency from Tang Fei Yue and put into Long Chen to quit, dark way in heart:"This day leads, Long La Ping's sun drive tiger deceit, ah,, hurriedly think a way to make some money!"
"This is just reasonable, you remember,
lancel new york, there is the business to put gravamen in the college seeking eight elder brothers, beware of is injury secretly by other people, after all your real strenght still stays around warrior Class!"Tang Fei Yue ordered to nod and led him to another walk.
louis vuitton purses on sale, I am afraid who I!Isn't some prince's princesses, think I in those early years younger brother one, led him
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