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lancel online Xiao cloud Niang eyebrows tiny Cu
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TOPIC: lancel online Xiao cloud Niang eyebrows tiny Cu

lancel online Xiao cloud Niang eyebrows tiny Cu 11 months, 1 week ago #85104

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Son, immediately happy in the heart!
Xiao cloud Niang asks a way to Gao Xiao Feng:"Is the your words true?Don't renege again?"
Gao Xiao Feng ordered to nod.
Xiao cloud Niang asks a way:"Do you dare swear to the God?"
Gao Xiao Feng kneels on the megalith right away,toolsverse.com/knowledgebase/User:Xdputp...reation_all_my_sword, the list hand swears to the God:"I Gao Xiao Feng's this present life if don't marry the often small Cui as wife!Be then bombed a crest by five thunders, be cut to pieces but die!"
The Xiao cloud Niang Ci voice says with smile:"I believed you!The since small Cui sent you the ruby ring, you always shoulded send to a piece to pledge love token of promise to her?"
Gao Xiao Feng not from very difficult say for feeling ground:"Can I body up have no what things, can do to pledge love token of promise to send to often miss of?"His bosom only has a ruby ring, Qin Xue Mei sends of"the bell of gold Qi",
lancel online, there is also a handkerchief, can not be to pledge love token of promise all.
Xiao cloud Niang eyebrows tiny Cu, say:"Can you have to give the small Cui one to pledge love token of promise?Otherwise,http://www.whatsinthebag.us/, does she how can believe again?"
Gao Xiao Feng Zheng one Zheng, suddenly the Fu in the his hand once the evil sword flick and mowed dime dress of body tunic, he puts Fu evil sword on the ground,
ray ban vision, then bites open right-hand middle finger and uses blood to write a word on that dress cloth.Write to finish, he station start to walk to Xiao cloud Niang and Liu Quan Sheng's in front.Also the 2 people station has a body and stunnedly looking at Gao Xiao Feng.
Gao Xiao Feng pass that piece of dress cloth that writes a blood word to Xiao cloud Niang in front and says:"That lets the blood word represent my to pledge love token of promise for the alliance?"
Xiao cloud Niang once connects the blood word dress cloth, she and the Liu Quan Sheng hands stand see dress cloth, sees the top blood word writing:"Gao Xiao Feng loves often small Cui,www.usasa.org/forum/18-classifieds/85089...te-qxi-xi.html#85089,
lancel handbags in paris, this feeling from cradle to the grave not Yu!"
Xiao cloud Niang satisfaction location nod, say to Gao Xiao Feng:"Small breeze, this blood word was an alliance, but pledged love token of promise most preciously,http://www.499477.com/read.php?tid=530361!"
At this time,
sacs lancel 2013, the air has two bunches of sword simply once flying suddenly,
lancel adjani bag, those two bunches of sword lights folded back again and fall on the megalith of Feng Dian, but is two unique color women, Xiao cloud Niang, Liu Quan Sheng and Gao Xiao Feng a see:The bearer is exactly an often small Cui and Qin Xue Mei.Originally 2 people after flew off valley that day,http://www.pdxmini.com/members/home, all the way and slowly fly, visit to stop in green fog maze ridges and peaks, the often small Cui borrows from the relax by taking stroll, Qin Xue Mei then and slowly advises Wei she.The eighth day,
gucci purses outlet, 2 people is appreciating in a peak standing alone downstream, suddenly see air to have 2 people simultaneously fly part intensive fighting, 2 people is what to see not pure air intensive fighting who in the Feng bottom?But saw clear to behind still have a person, Huang Pao, resist a piano, often small Cui's immediately recognizing this person is the friend of teacher.Her one more sees just and in the sky 2 people of intensive fighting and more see more be like own teacher and Gao eldest brother, the heart bottom suddenly thoughts of:Mo is a teacher for Gao does the eldest brother want to return my ruby ring one matter, but arouse 2 people intensive fighting?
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