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lancel handbags for sale end get here hand in result."The look in the eyes of the old is dignified
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TOPIC: lancel handbags for sale end get here hand in result."The look in the eyes of the old is dignified

lancel handbags for sale end get here hand in result."The look in the eyes of the old is dignified 11 months, 1 week ago #84877

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Come in, a few tests square big eye stares a small eye, petrochemical a short moment, a long time, one among those persons are cold face, cold say:"Do you come to test to bear dint?You were late!"The person who talks is one old about 50 years old, see not to get young man to drag along Ta, the Xun scolds a way.
Be stared at by a few test personnels be afraid,
lancel handbags for sale, Wu Ling has never thoughted of the meeting is misunderstood for the lateness,
lancel handbags online, hurriedly explanation way:"I have finished the strength already, there of the staff member let I to here,I walk wrong place,
lancel 1876 taupe?"
Those people a doesn't believe the ground looking at Wu Ling, look in the eyes more relentless, that old obviously is these people win of lead the way, inclined eyes ask a way:"Is so quick and then have finished the strength?Give° your report card me to see."
Once connected the report card of Wu Ling's front, the old cautiously studied a long time,
lancel online, facial expression tiny tiny one Zheng, soon after instauration as before,, then hurtled Wu Ling Zhao to beckon with the hand:"You follow me!"
This old, although look in the eyes relentless, however seem really don't know previous affair of Wu Ling, have no previous that tester eyes in of despise and disdain to, probably this person is the person that the martial empire sends down,
Think like this, Wu Ling follows behind the old and arrived at to set out of location.
"Set out from here,, around breeze it all ran 3 turns, ran 1 turn each time,, you got to come to get a proof here, end get here hand in result."The look in the eyes of the old is dignified, introducing of elaboration test of rules.
Ordered to nod, mean that oneself has already all made clear, tiny one Gong body of Wu Ling Wei, suddenly be like an arrows Shi that leaves Xian ground, 1 of "Sou", run to go out,
boutique lancel 77.
On smooth floor in the square of breeze, leave a to turn namely die in a sudden of the remnants copy, the old one face stunnedly hopes Wu Ling disappears of the direction , very long, become overdo and smile to say to the companion:"You, who is knowing this boy ?See the result of this boy, should be the talented person of highest rank in your principality."
Is public obedient, don't know to make what answer, several people who know what happened are also whole bodies cold sweat, daze to frighten into inaction.
The old air one Lin:"How?You are incognizant he?"
The one among the young men is finally unbearable, the Da pulls head, soft-voiced way:"Report emissary adult, this person, be we just still stay around chain skin state with the self-discipline decade that you say of discard a material,
lancel bag black, we principality Chancellor of the Exchequer's childe,, Wu Ling, ."
The old smells speech, double the eyes are a , a Hai person's vehemence immediately spreads to open, like situation full of peril, breeze book cripple cloud, frighten to win public support persons all lowly head, a beats to cringe:
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