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ray ban aviator 3025 "
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TOPIC: ray ban aviator 3025 "

ray ban aviator 3025 " 11 months, 1 week ago #79623

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Suburb exultation way:"Two younger brothers,
ray ban aviator 3025!"
Those 2 people originally notice the Yan suburb of 36 arms and listen to his openings cry at the moment, Yan Hong cautiously on recognizing, also is to recognize a Yan suburb, is also come forward to salute a way:"Eldest brother!You how here?You how was this ?"
The Yan suburb says:"In those early years I drive teacher widely became son take climb mountain, fixed more than a years,,
ebay oakley sunglasses, lately, the teacher let I next the mountain helped west the skill felled a company, at under before the mountain I ate a few fairy beans, never think this pair shape.After descending mountain.I but is some hesitant, after all I am the Yan company's emperor's son, and then see the mother's public notice, but is want to return first dynasty the song see.What about two younger brotherses?"
The Yan Hong says:"I was as just about as elder brother, taken by the red sperm teacher to climb mountain.After descending mountain, but is to meet Shen Gong Bao's oblation, return together with him dynasty the song saw.To.Elder brother,
cheap gucci bag, this is the father the king seal of even male leopard oblation."
The Yan suburb looking at Shen Gongs Bao to say:"Once saw a way long!"
The Ji way of Shen Gong Bao:"The I you does me too much honor,!The I handles affairs in the his majesty under charge, 2 is emperor's son, but is an I to let 2 see a gift, his majesty meekly tolerated insult in those early years negative heavy, two his highnesses drive accident robbed to walk,, the his majesty was also sad don't have this time two his highnesses of seeings, his majesty settle however will be very happy.The empress will be also very happy!Two his highnesses, let's still in advance return to imperial palace!"
Yan suburb 2 people have no an opinion, but 3 people turn to make quickly passing time to fly to the dynasty song imperial palace.
Imperial palace in, three years, at present of which eat have already been a handsome youth is 1.Just at this time which suck all over the face sad look, have some to in poor fettlely sit over there,
The dollar dragon really cannoted see to say:"Which eat, you are working properly bead son to turn a life time, Be just one a life time father and son with Li Jing of good luck,
oakley sunglasses cheap.He rebels his, unite and didn't blame you, you why the need for at allied in front alas does the voice sigh?"
Which eat have already annoyed nerveless cold hum one- track:"Adopted father.Li Jing Fan is you, close me what matter?I am just worried that the mother is just.The mother is after all a Yan company emperor clan, but I am afraid Li Jing that guy sorry mother, or the mother wants not to open by himself[herself]."
If the dollar dragon listen to where eat to enrage people and shake head to say:"That you connect the dynasty song to your mother come not over,
sac adjani lancel?"
Which eat facial expression one Kua, helpless say:"Mother's affirmation can't leave of, a wish Li Jing that guy.Yi,, someone came, breathing that is Shen Gong Bao, there are also two assistants that probably is Shen Gong Bao to seek, can also too weak
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