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TOPIC: "We the brothers a pair is to want in capital city rush for a while

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:39 chapter words count:3735
Section 82
The person who after death claps him at Li Tian, but is the city gate government troops that he once bribed while going into the city huge sea.Time of going into the city Li Tian but sit the car a businessman's foppery,, now but is the foppery of scholar, if arouse his doubt,
cheap hats, this city gate inside outside little say to also have 2310 government troopses, runnings can not run.
"This~~is not this a huge elder brother?Are you to defend city in the west city gate?How to run to the east city gate to come?"Asking of Li Tian caution way.
"Just adjusted to come over, I was 100, rose one class now."Huge sea very saying of cow spirit.
"!Congratulations congratulations, that what, pig big brilliant scholar, hurry to the huge elder brother up order wedding present."Li Tian finishes saying and made an expression of eyes for absolute being stick,
The absolute being stick bit to grind teeth and took out 22 ground silver of spreadings, full face saying of Yu Mei:"Congratulate a huge elder brother on rise sharply,, small careful idea,, really ashamed."
"This is a stem what!Am I old huge to how to literally take somebody else's thing, for this time only, hereafter forbid so."Say, pack silver into purse, saw very ashamedly one eye Li Tian,
Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, immediately after say:"You aren't businesses person?How to dress up this body?"
", This~" Li Tian afraid he ask this matter, originally think to silver even if, the result still keeps having never escaped,
Absolute being stick but sighed tone, a face sadly said:"Ah!Originally two of us were to come to this to order small business, who became to think this chaos and disturbances of war of, the business was too difficult to do.Come to some businesses to all have no for two days, abruptly force two business persons poet, this returns call how to live person,"
"This~~this~all not easy, you does this want to go where?"Huge sea brain almost short circuit, dare feeling the poet all force out.
"We the brothers a pair is to want in capital city rush for a while, see to there have what good exit,"Li Tian hurriedly says, very anxious to breakfast beats this guy hair to walk.
"Go to a capital city yes, this climbs mountain Gao Lu Yuan all the way, I see still keep walking faster earlier, also really seek a place to live earlier in the evening bottom, now road up but very insecurity."The absolute being stick also connects to say.
"Qiao, the younger sister of Zhang Zong Bing's adult also goes to a capital city today, it is my good brothers to take a brigade to protect her .Also calculate us to decree by destiny,, this matter wrapped on me,, two of you waited, a short while sets out together with them, very safe."Huge sea's arriving is very straightforward.
"!This~~need not!!"Li Tian Xin says your absolute being stick is many what mouth.
"Don't give me polite,
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