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http://raybanstylesunglassespr​ ha ha smile 11 months, 1 week ago #62740

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, Draw out a smoke, Wu from take out, but not talk, momentary, the atmosphere of two people's, the moment changes of a bit weird, the Ao thou Si D knows six cloud green affirmation has to hand over to oneself task, straight-tempered also not worried,,, straighten in his in front, be all waiting for the order of the other party at any time.
An effort of smoke past, six clouds are green to finally raise head, his double eye the inside is all thrombus, let the Ao thou Si the D really got a fright, he is cold to say:"Thou of Ao Si D, I need Yan city City that you go to China to make a trip,
lancel watch price."
"Good."Ao Gu Si Ding answers very simply, didn't ask reason as well as ask reason.
Lookinging at of six clouds some green accidents he, ha ha smile, just smiling face like this, at Ao thou the eyes of the Si D in but seem to be very cold Lie:"Now that they play what knock the words of mountain earthquake tiger, that we can also, to, I hear that Zhao Jia's bond maid built up for me a what Cang dragon economic alliance, give° Zhao Xin Yi me to bring back to that, Zhao Yan Wang's ability is very strong, just his covered up shortcomings is also of, have to let Zhao Xin Yi at my nearby,, otherwise of words, when if make Zhao Xin Yi fall into Sun Tian Rui's hand,, that this Cang dragon economic alliance, estimated and then becamed to kill a dragon economic alliance."
Make reference to here, six clouds are green to again draw out a smoke, grind to a stop down, he not and habitually uses lighter, but uses a match,
cheap designer sunglasses, time wait until light of fire to soon disappear, the cigarette butt is sparked a cigarette with only left one to the cigarette butt, stand before huge French window, halt enough but sign,, look beyond afar, said a let fog in the Ao thou Si D cloud in of words:"Bottom in the land covers up skeleton and also hides greed, to Yuan tree, a lot of of his wisheses haven't carried out, I can not make him depart from this life so, I have been having a conviction, as long as being a brothers to suffer indignities,
ray ban ray ban wayfarer, I must come back this tone Zheng, I also know,
ray ban clip on sunglasses, Zhao Qing He's parlance is in fact right, certain time, person get emotion 1:00, otherwise of words, these brothers who will work oneslf to the bone for me?They requite by the country private's breeze to me,, I make the gift treat it just with the country, after the affair that waits until this aspect in India is cool-headed, my affirmation will go to the Yan city City and run in person a , put to death them, dead deeply just go!Don't looking at me like this, if I also died,
lv cheap bags, this Cang Long Bang also pours not to drop, this is called tiger dead not to pour."
This a moment, six cloud green Zhan however if the absolute being is just this absolute being, but is whole body dead spirit to sink
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