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Getting is metal gray, toward a field ascend seven pour eight slanting soldiers, make a noise to drink a way:"If you can not hard treat this every training, so,, connect down, you will get to more ruthlessnessly train, out your spirits, use to make an effort to fight for each penny for each time, you just go together with to do Cang wolf a clan qualified warrior!"
Handsomely encourage in the Xiao under,
Cheap NFL jerseys store, behind the performance of several rounds, like many,
Custom NFL Jerseys, the Xiao is handsome take this meeting effort, the mentality has already completely resumed as well, Gu cloud says quite goodly, his mentality almost again is previously and nearly 100% of many, and in this time, the Xiao is handsome to want to wait of the person also finally come.
"Lao virtuous Man president of association, early!"Looking at to far and far float the shadow of human figure that the body comes over, the Xiao was handsome to beat a voice of hello.
That day when he says that he wants to give Cang wolf soldier's training of the clan for this president of association, he saw a virtuous Man eyes of Lao of curious about color, so, he broke to settle at that time, not two day, this president of association settle however will come over'inspector'some kind of.
"The Xiao is handsome, you this is ……" sees a confusion training condition, Lao the virtuous Man is some don't understand of ask a way.
"BE training!"Xiao handsome way, " president of association how free come over?"
"My task is an inspector,, certainly need to come over lo lo, but ……you this kind of trains a method ability effective,"Lao virtuous Man one face don't believe,
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"Effect, only get to battlefield in two months up see."
2 people were discussing, a training to end again, when Gu cloud arrives at Xiao handsome nearby of time, Lao virtuous Man the whole individual all the Leng is over there, be he made sure at present of the old man is really Gu cloud of time, almost can not keep is soaring to the skies but sign, immediately polite way:"Once saw Gu cloud castellan."
Gu cloud saw virtuous Man of Lao one eye, certainly saw his fairy badge of white fairy tunic and ordered a way:"Are you the president of association of the fairy here labor union?"
"BE exactly."The Lao virtuous Man nods,
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Gu cloud sees handsome toward the Xiao of part and asks a way:"Do you say to substitute my person to is him,
cheap nfl jerseys from china free shipping?"
The Xiao is handsome to smile to order to nod, Gu cloud is cool detachment to see to part of Lao virtuous Man, way:"Like, this task handed over to you now."
"The Xiao is handsome, give° the task contents him to say for a while."Do not wait virtuous Man of Lao to talk as well,, Gu cloud continues to say.
The president of association of the fairy labor union on the star that the Lao virtuous Man facial expression becomes very difficult to see, originally is a Cang wolf is the order that need not listen to foreign castellan of, but he how dare to give offense to Gu cloud again, have to stand on the part silent not language.
After the Xiao is handsome to tell him the task
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