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TOPIC: I also acquired the body of freedom

http://new-era-caps-on-sale-sh​ I also acquired the body of freedom 11 months, 3 weeks ago #6160

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Be used as equity, I should also tell you my past.The affair still have to speak of from my mother,, I and my mother are really 10 invoking of classeses monster saints burning fox in the sky.100 year agos, my father dies in a combat, at that time, my mother just bore me, now on, we the female female a pair depend on each other for life.Because our strong, anotherly invoke the monsters don't dare to come to provoke us as well,
Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, so our days once calculated quietly as well.But a day of 50 year agos, the equanimity like this is broken, my mother is invoked teacher to invoke.This is also the woe that we invoke a monster, even if strongly invoke monsters again can not change of destiny.That day, my mother after coming back, some abnormality.All is arrive end I just know, originally my mother fancied the invoke her of invoke teacher.Hence my mother becomes mankind for the decision and is to know, heart fruit in the sky can help to invoke monster evolution adult, and return to acquire a freedom of body.Hence my mother's fee exerts thousand ten thousand bitternesses finally got heart fruit in the sky luckily,
wholesale mlb hats, but in this time, the mother who invoke teacher unexpectedly and invoked me.Can this time, this time ……"make reference to here, the small fox has already sobbed.
Thought a Miao light tone ground to comfort several small foxes.
The mood of small fox was a little bit calm 1:00, then continued way:"This time,
buy new era online, my mother unexpectedly for saving that to invoke teacher, unexpectedly resisted fatal shot for him with own body.Originally, mother need not did like this of, as long as invoked teacher one dead, was invoked of invoked a monster automatically back again place, but my mother unexpectedly sacrificed himself/herself and saved that to invoke teacher, my mother trails the body of severely wounded and returned to a home, that time of she,, have already completely been placed in while life still lingers.The mother knows that one day there will I will also be like her similar to father,, drive invoke teacher invoke, so, the mother gives me the sky heart fruit that she hasn't comes yet urgently to eat, I became this appearance now, half person half fox, real strenght also only 5 classes invoked the real strenght of monster, but lucky BE, I also acquired the body of freedom, however these invoke a monster is really also realistic,, they all called before I fox adult in the sky, but when I eat descend heart fruit in the sky after, they start calling me small fox."
The small fox twists a head to see at this time to think Miao to ask way:"Think Miao, do you know that what love is?Mother why will would like to pay an own life for the sake of 1, I once asked a mother, does the mother answer that I say to is love, do you understand?What is the love ,"
Think Miao some gloomily shook to shake head a way:"I don't know as well."
Small fox way:"Do not know well, love to let people so painful
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