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TOPIC: just take a thing​/ just take a thing 11 months, 2 weeks ago #54717

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Sound from far and near originally
The door screen is uncovered,, a woman that receives white yarn appears at door front a see the Xie Yu Xiao, sun Chuan text in Europe stare a dog in the Nu and sign a horse to be rattled, the Gong body says:"Saint lord, elder brother Wen atones for sin"
This woman Xie Yu Xiao is to recognize, is exactly that the look in the eyes that the Ai works properly four cloth Nuo Xie Yu Xiao in the females to pour to have no sun Chuan in Europe a text is so exaggerated,
louis vuitton authentic, he smiled to say for a while:"Is this dog yours?"The cloth Nuo ordered bottom to say:"H'm I originally the desire pull it to outside slip away a turn, but don't know it how of suddenly flounced a rope, had already rushed here to come all the way"
"Your dog ate my thing" sun Chuan text way in Europe, "I wanted to take out in the belly from it now, do you have an opinion?"Cloth Nuo Qi however way:"Still hoping saint lord, elder brother Wen can stay Carl's a life" Xie Yu Xiao's way:The "trust, just take a thing, Carl absolutely can't occupy of" cloth Nuo point nods, dynasty that big black dog recruited to beckon with the hand:"Carl, you ate the thing that should not eat, saint lord, elder brother Wen wanted to take out that thing now, you want darling of obedient" she says,, very intimately walked over to bend from the waist the head that to embrace big black dog Carl
"Unexpectedly you like so a dog ……" thanks rain Xiao lightly say is saying, he suddenly drinks a way:"The cloth Nuo goes away" the cloth Nuo isn't clear so, raise head at raise head of short moment, Xie Yu Xiao is to send to her 10 with the together soft strength outside
A rightness of dogs eyes of big black dog suddenly sent out together dazzling ray of light, immediately after, the whole bodies all trembled cloth Nuo shocked not small, repeatedly call big black dog of name big black dog Carl have already forgotten host, at first simultaneously turned a turn to leap 跶 indiscriminately, part the Ao Ao screamed madly
At this time, the Fu sorcery Zhao Xun's wound is completely recovered, sat, looking at Ao Ao of ground the heavy black dog screaming madly ask is what is the row thank rain Xiao to say that the bewitching foetus that the heavy black dog will slice down ate a Fu sorcery Zhao Xun shockingly thank rain Xiao to say and see,
authentic louis vuitton bags, the end of heavy black dog is originally your end
The big black dog leaped 跶 in the building a short while, the black hair of whole body unexpectedly and gradually sheds off,, but body form gradually huge cloth Nuo calling of still just a voice Carl, hope that own interjection can make the big black dog fall calm a big black dog to be being placed in crazy status, estimate is from is who all didn't know, again will realize the other people's interjection interjection, shouting a can make him fidgety,
cheap cucci handbgas, it add it crazy
The big black dog is still becoming big, at last and unexpectedly has an adulthood lion so big the hair of dog on the body have already completely shed off, what to replace is in some passes
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