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lv handbags sale can still brandish huge ax to inherit to Chen Xiao.
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TOPIC: lv handbags sale can still brandish huge ax to inherit to Chen Xiao.

lv handbags sale can still brandish huge ax to inherit to Chen Xiao. 11 months, 2 weeks ago #54666

  • yrejzvzc91
 And so of fly an enduring degree of knife will descend with the increment of the use number of times, fix to also need not thin price at a time.If Chen Xiao get stripe again hurry of words, it is this to fear fly knife can be used several days as well.
Chen Xiao's right hand an earthquake, flew one of knife Sou to shot into the mountain thief's followers,, such as lightning flash general, just sting go into the body of the mountain thief's followers inside, his head appeared above-89 red words.See a form, Chen Xiao is also a cachinnation, have never thought sneak attack the injury resulted in to want Gao Shang Yi times than the common injury,
The mountain thief's followers also discovered Chen Xiao, the old grudge immediately targeted at Chen Xiao's body up, took huge ax vehemence to roaringly rush at Chen Xiao.
Chen Xiao starts to carry an unknown heart method, the whole personal skill is unexpectedly to increase a lot, once the right hand tremble, two fly knife to shot into the mountain thief's followers once again.The realistic player depends on a mouse operation to tee off deadly blow, can Chen Xiao is different, the game compares to reality similar,
lv handbags sale, two fly knife to straightly shoot the eye socket of going into the mountain thief's followers.
Immediately, mountain thief the blood Mao shoot in the middle of the followers eye socket but, painful get the mountain thief's followers bellow repeatedly, can still brandish huge ax to inherit to Chen Xiao.
Chen Xiao sees a form, the body form draws off quickly and backward,, the right hand in vain appears a lance, listen to'Ding' of a , easily answered the raid of the other party.Double the arm Be tiny to make an effort, the blue vein suddenly and violently rises, 'bang'of give°ed the huge ax to push to return to,, the body also asked for help of the adverse effect of dint to draw off quickly and backward.
Draw off in a flash, Chen Xiao directly projected three fly knife, continue the bottom of the heart that the sting went into the mountain thief's followers.The mountain thief's followers bellows a , the unwilling nature pours at ground up,
cheap 59fifty hat, side then exploded a heap of copper money and a pair of break shoe.
"Ding, congratulations player the breeze Be seamless to get stripe,
lancel handbags, the grade is 22 classes currently,"
"Ding, congratulations player little Li Fei Dao's technical ability on get stripe,
loui vuitton purses, the grade is 2 classes currently,
louis vuitton purses for cheap."
The words that hear system, in Chen Xiao Xin a pleased,
louis vuitton monogram bag, have never thought not only is a person to get stripe, even little Li Fei Dao's technical ability also gets stripe, today still is really a happy event repeatedly.The attribute point praising added in the skill after willing get stripe, Chen Xiao this just picks up copper money that the mountain thief's followers explodes, flat flat mouth, look a lot of unexpectedly only have 30, moreover a pair of break shoe he doesn't need to be seen as well naturally, the mountain thief's followers if can explode a words of good material, he stood to beat the mountain thief's followers here during a lifetime.
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