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TOPIC: "Lin Xiao smiles room to still have one set computer

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Seek oneself to fix the person of computer to obviously there is still a problem wanting to ask,, but have to sit to wire back a brain front under the sistuation that Su pure Yu's putting doesn't mean to say clearly, continue game,
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"Good!Can connect to!"Allow snow Bin excitement of called to get up.
"You have fun."The Su pure Yu said 1 and turned round to prepare to go out.
"You different 1 dish?"Lin Xiao smiles room to still have one set computer, can also unite machine, as long as pack this game to go.
"You ……make sure to have fun with me,"Su the pure Yu is some amaze of looking at Sun Ming,
Fiercely thought of to follow the affair that he play games before clearly, face the Jiang lived a while.
"Play Bai together,, your meeting?Want to be not me to teach you?"Allow snow Bin completely don't understand a circumstance, very excited proposal way.
"……That plays 1 dish."Need not teach and see clearly once play a few pure Yus to Su have already known rule, took game dish, returned to the room that Lin Xiao smiles in, start installing a game.
"How, how look down in the mouth,
wholesale mlb hats,"This still keep being what Lin Xiao smiles to do in the evening, this is Lin Ma to explore clearly really be like behind of lazy result, at present just ascend over meal, but see three male kids come downstairs, imitates the eggplant that Buddha frost beats with Xu Xue Bin clearly Yan at there, look back Su pure Yu, facial expression everything normal,
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Still hear a top loudly appeal to the public with 2 Xu Xue Bins clearly small to call while just carrying vegetables of, how so in a short while so,
lancel ���ާܧ�?
2 people sit to the table in the side towards seeing one eye, , don't utter a word.
"How?"Lin Xiao smiled to wash hands to sit to Su the pure Yu also discovered those two kids appearance some oddness nearby, silently the voice asks a way to the Su pure Yu.
"Accompanied them to beat several dish interstellars."The Su pure Yu is calm of statement fact, Lin Xiao smiles a moment suddenly, later on a face endures also unbearable of bad smile, let be more getting depressed more with Xu Xue Bin clearly.
Their 2 people was to is respectively a war in the beginning, 3 people fought each other and lost after Su's pure Yu under charge each time afterwards, decided 2 people to associately strike against pure Yu of Su one person, result ……play several dishes lose several dishes and lose till the last have already completely had no a temper.
I hereafter must develop one let him also not the game of pass!
Sits by the side of the dining table clearly up, the in the mind heavily delivers an asseveration.If this vow if make Lin Xiao smile to hear,, her affirmation will language center of gravity long of clap Sun Ming's shoulder, comfort him:Kid, whole life your affirmation is have no drama, still wash to sleep.Wanting the Yao is to expect his next life to become a little bit stupid,
Once had supper, Lin Ba opened Audi to come out.Street this place in England is very quiet at ordinary times, way
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