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TOPIC: it ascend numerous starseses surround week sky.

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Of break open you so-called ability!"
"Ha ha, what you said's pouring is easy!"The Kai boon sneers at of looking at to float in the sky:"So I can also responsiblely tell you, the upper limit of seven colourful azure stone towers would is the attack of sage Class, if not that the attack of sage Class, whether your power is strong to arrive what extent or not, which afraid is an amount of to rob, 100 amount of robs to also have no function!"
"You were too really Gao Kan him/herself,!"Floats in the sky a light openings way:"Might it not be is that you really think I take you can't?"
Say this words, floats in the sky one hand of turning over, in the hand but is many places can the small clock in one mouthful gold yellow, the clock body mentally dense color,, it ascend numerous starseses surround week sky.
Inborn extremely valued, mentally dense clock,!
This treasure is a , but is a glory your work, various sky of starses all violently shiver,
cheap 59fifty hat, numerous starlights fall at mentally dense clock on, send forth one regiment emperor the qualities possessed singly by.
Mentally dense clock, originally would be east emperor too one magic weapon, up tainted with the breathing of emperor's naturally,
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"What is this ?"Although the Kai boon is complacent, this a moment, also profoundly feel, the fearfulness of this clock!
This treasure is named a mentally dense clock and cracks down on 3,000 Hongs to receive a world!
Floats in the sky a light openings way:"Want to deal with your seven colourful Liu ls to leave to increase but is easily many!"
"Hum, you don't dream, I this-the colourful Liu l leave tower but top-grade inborn to work properly a treasure and allow who also hurt me not get, floats in the sky, you this breaks a clock crazy idea to also want to hurt me and dream!"
While speaking, Kai boon fieriness of float in the sky toward blunt come over,
custom NFL Jerseys, his speed is the quickest,
Nike NFL Jerseys, almost come to a velocity of light, the emergence of its never thought that at float in the sky of back,, lift sword and then want to cut under.
Floats in the sky just once the inhospitality smile, the mentally dense clock in the hand at will of throw to go toward the sky, numerous golden light gobble up world and in a short instant and then turned to make an one mouthful huge yellow clock, the star Dou sort size,!
In a short instant a big bell big, 3,000 worlds, imitated a Buddha to is washed up an operation in this a moment.
The mentally dense clock suppression Hong receives 100001000, inborn extremely valued not the Kui is an inborn extremely valued, once cracking down on, would be complete suppression, floats in the sky present real strenght, but the suppression is to can not do it to crack down on 3,000 Hongs to receive a world at the same time,, but want to crack down on this square the world is still easily malicious,
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Usually of the suppression of the thing, also just at body on formation forbid to make, oppress
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