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horizontal put a hair clasp of red sandalwood wood
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TOPIC: horizontal put a hair clasp of red sandalwood wood

horizontal put a hair clasp of red sandalwood wood 11 months, 3 weeks ago #39010

  • bpyajrugv39
At the gate tower of workshop door on,Baltimore Ravens jerseys, Gao Gao at up, the negative hand looking at them.This person wears a yellow circle of a Ge to get Shan and wears a silk screen towel,, horizontal put a hair clasp of red sandalwood wood, have never worn Mao of head, received a pure silk shawl on the noodles.
BE sending Yang Fan and many common people that Ma Qiao leave immediately surprised shout,, Yang Fan and Ma Qiao's back toward a workshop door, temporarily have some not to know so-called, turn round a to see,wholesale mlb hats, but can not help pleasantly surprised, 2 people quickly before tending 3, turn over a body to grovel, Ma Qiao surprise ground call way:"This be the boon male?"
That person on the workshop door ha ha on smiling,lancel handbags official website, clear voice way:"Some that day road through south city, seeing you is a man, after the wine at spur of the moment, without extra trouble save you to come out, but didn't send you the city.After wine comes to, very uneasy in the heart, come today, should be want to find out your whereabouts, since you already peace, a certain then trust!"
Yang Fan loudly way:"The brave man rescues my my elder brother on the battle righteousness at the execution ground that day younger brother, at under appreciate not to exert,lancel price.Today can see brave man again, is very happy in the heart, my 2 people wishes to have water wine with thank for favor Mr,, also ask Mr. En to let an one what the Chang expected of my 2 people."
Ma Mu also surprised tunnel:"This roaming swordsman son of workshop door, is the brave man who saved my son, oh!Thank brave man!"
Ma Mu hurriedly comes forward to grovel to give thanks,, workshop fanlight that brave man seem to be not to wish to be subjected to once the old man do obeisance, tiny tiny one side body, avoided this gift, say:"The Er waits to have no matter then good, some maneuver world, pleasure gratitude and revenge, stretch hand to save you,, took leave for multiplying by my intention, not necessary a Xie Zi, !"
The language falls, once this person's shoulders shake, big bird sort Zong Lue but go, treat public rob a shop of door, have already been missing this person's figure.The common people in workshop see this a strange person absolute being Long Jian Shou disappear tail, the in a flash effort then is missing a figure and cans not helps to click the tongue in curiosity, is again some kind of discussions,new era style hats, perhaps no longer than tomorrow morning, numerous roaming swordsman stories of editions are again being fresh to come out.
Yang Fan 's this undertaking is to save to dismount bridge to oneself's execution ground, easily contacted by the observant and conscientious person, list as him to doubt object thus of of remediable measure.Seedling absolute being guest now where he doesn't know, the Qiu absolute being spins in the Meng Jin, but he is knowing.He rushed through last time Meng Jin, the Qiu absolute being merit have been already had already, obviously was Yang Ming Sheng and Cai Dong the dead becoming to make him raise a vigilance.
Although the Qiu absolute being spins fighting skill very high, again the body is in the army camp, not definitely like facing mortal enemily chase his this assassin be return to matter son, but the Qiu absolute being spin necessarily to at the beginning occurrence in everything of Yang Ming Sheng's your home is have understand.Certainly,Lancel Purse, the Qiu absolute being merit can send a person to understand Yang Ming Sheng
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