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wholesale gucci handbags Chen Fan has no one silk frightened
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TOPIC: wholesale gucci handbags Chen Fan has no one silk frightened

wholesale gucci handbags Chen Fan has no one silk frightened 11 months, 2 weeks ago #26114

  • vamphnbu62
:"You, together up"
See this act,, include Chu Ge at inside, the spot each audience Leng
Chen Fan , does he want to do what?
BE think a to beat nine??
The spot audience Leng absolute being of at the same time, originally still had the rattan wood that a silk is afraid of to Chen Fan to finally move intention to murder, see he does a before to of signal, slightly vomited three words at the same time:"Killed him"
Next endure to in endure blindly obedient, this is ninja's rules.
The order that hears a rattan wood, the bodyguard initiative of six Liu Chuan Qing's sons attacks and turns to make six shadows and rushes at Chen Fan from the all directions.
Autumn dollar and red well 2 people the speed is slightly slow some, however don't neglect
wholesale gucci handbags, you all want to lie to go out"
Face to lay siege to, Chen Fan has no one silk frightened, contrary,
nfl jerseys wholesale, he smiled and smiled very uncannily.
He didn't move body,, just quietly stand at first.
……Stand so quietly
Ten meters, eight meters,, five meters, three meters ……
new era caps online shop, the six bodyguards and autumn dollar of Liu Chuan Qing's son and red well 2 people came close Chen Fan , but be up endure of rattan wood but don't launch an attack, just die the hopeless situation target Chen Fan , imitate Buddha a head of delitescence in the blackness of wild beast, give at any time find deadly blow
Be hurtle at most before that ninja is still apart from Chen Fan to have three meters of time,, Chen Fan moved
His left foot is abrupt however hair dint, right on the spot one Deng, ask for help of the strength of rebound, the whole individual is to glide generally, the moment Cuan, the right leg lifts, the instep draws tight,,
Throwback nfl jerseys, imitating a Buddha one pole gun is general, Chuai to right side that speed's quickest ninja
Side Chuai
The recruit type of original commonness, because Chen Fan terrible speed and strength, become terrible and matchless, a move under, surroundings of air be shaken to spread generally,, send out a burst of"shout" of sound.
"Ka Ca"
Descend a moment, depressed voice and the voice that bone split almost ring out at the same time and hurtled be flown by a huge strength earthquake to go out at the most anterior the ninja, the chest falls to sink not to say and in the sky spews out a blood.
Meanwhile, surplus five ninjas not because the companion gets hurt to and then back, but is to turn the hand as knife in succession, split toward Chen Fan from five different angles
Be next endure
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