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TOPIC: "the person faces" and"Tan in" "the person faces" and"Tan in" 11 months, 4 weeks ago #2579

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Achievement.Only Gu's begging to hurt to make a living away from home a river lake is a more than 10 years, Wu Lin's superior's innumerable met, but never someone can dismantle with himself or herself 100 remaining recruit, the superior's lonesome ordinary people hard body flavor.But at this time unexpectedly someone can dismantle with himself or herself 500 recruit more, only the Gu begs to hurt chess to meet opponent,, remaining of the delight, urgently hope to experience higher fighting skill again.
Chapter 12 begs a to hurt(3)
The distance is green late to sneer at a , once the wrist tremble, the bamboo stick is in the hand Xuan a turn, stretch before following arm, step quickly move, that bamboo stick the speed is the quickest, the stick carries to flap about, don't know to want Chuo to where, suddenly, that bamboo stick be divided time, momentary, have more than ten bamboos stick, toghter Chuo to only the Gu beg to hurt.And, those more than ten bamboo stick not confused Chuo shot, each bamboo stick aims at one outline cave, these more than ten bamboo sticks aimed at Gu respectively"absolute being court",, "the sun", "the Jing is clear" and"the person wins", "dumb door" and"breeze pond", "the person faces" and"Tan in",
discount new era, "pigeon tail" and"huge Que", "the absolute being seals" and"absolute being Que", "pass dollar" and"song bone", "company's song" and"pond in the sky" only begging to hurt are 16 greatest acupuncture pointses, in a flash, only the Gu begs to hurt of head, neck, chest and belly the main acupuncture points all cover at the attack scope of the bamboo stick inside.The distance is green late this recruits, is exactly "Chuo" of"beat a dog stick method" word Jue.Beat dog stick the method totally have Ban, split, tie up, Chuo, pick, lead, seal, turn eight Jues, the this"Chuo" word Jue is gathering dint in stick, offend an enemy at 1:00.Is positive Be hard to kill an ant such as the one punch, but a finger can easily the Chuo die an ant, there is pressure in the modern physics, press strong of say, the dint is constant, small more in response to the dint area, it presses strong big more,
Buy Fitted Hats Caps, the in the interval truth is same.The distance is green late come together the deep capability carries at this small stick, big its strength, hard imagination,
Lancel Handbags.And, the distance is green late already"beat a dog stick method" do of appear lost in thought go into turn, the bamboo good each Chuo goes out and not only collects huge strength, but also precision matchless, stick stick all Chuo to enemy dead cave.
Only the Gu begs to hurt to know, want ~only quilt bamboo stick Chuo in, then it and either wounded or dead.Only the Gu begs to hurt as well very clear, although have more than ten bamboo sticks toward oneself Chuo, in fact but is a bamboo stick, only bamboo stick speed really too quick, and rock in each outline of oneself cave return, the ordinary people is seen, then have more than ten bamboo sticks at the same time the Chuo is to each outline of oneself cave.It the fieriness of power way, recruit a method it work properly wonderful, river's lake is in really rare.Only the Gu begs to hurt a great"very wonderfully recruit type!", Follow to wield lance, present only the Gu sword"break a gun type" within method, sees only the Gu beg to hurt once the sword point tremble, a double-edged sword in hand in a twinkling changes into 16 a double-edged swords, will offend to fend off one by one to own bamboo stick and fend off each time of,, a double-edged sword stretches out three to divide forward again
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