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TOPIC: don't understand and then don't add commentary indiscriminately

http://lancelhandbagsforsale.w​ don't understand and then don't add commentary indiscriminately 11 months, 3 weeks ago #25474

  • xbdmzatw85
,, Hair Qi lousy that indescribable sword method, but together brought tremendous pressure for sky for feather.
This a moment, in person realize heart sword, feather sky together just understand a sword idea is a what fearfulness, this not the Kui believe in three to greatly and extremely learn for the sword of a, even if isn't complete,own such Wei power.Secretly regret in the heart of at the same time, the feather sky together also feels a burst of and helpless, oneself also knowing sword, but this public place under, oneself can not use again.If make people see complete heart sword, afraid of oneself finally will be unable to defend oneself!
On reading into this, feather sky together also can grind teeth to continue a bitterness to support.But at the same time, feather sky with one mind win quickly start to recall heart sword of on recruiting one type, try to look for the chance for cracking!If at present hair Qi the lousy use is a complete heart sword, feather sky together naturally is can not crack.But the problem is that the hair Qi is lousy to only learn a half, so the feather sky together has self-confidence, the sword it use at the moment idea isn't complete, certainly have loophole among them, so feather the sky together want to do of, would be to find out loophole, with one action dissolve hair Qi lousy offensive.
Field airs with many external appearance uncannily looking at field in of fight, the way of thinkings all can not help some short circuits, 2 people in the field still comparing Dou?Looking at a 2 people all extremely weird sword method, this which be like compare to put together, basically was like two to just learn the person of sword at do silly for fun!
This a moment, greatly parts of person face up all peep out to put on to don't understand of facial expression, still contain one silk despise among them.But only little parts of superiors, the eyebrows was tightly wrinkly to become "Chuan" of matrix,!
The 珛 wood stares big eyes to looking at at present of the act, that feather sky together, still that violent feather is the sky together?This a moment,, the 珛 wood immediately towards the rain poem of one side to say, "light rain, you this eldest brother be actually just thinking what, why still didn't understand definitely opponent, accompany him to keep on having fun like this meaningful?"
Rain poem smells speech, immediately the flash across in eye puts on interrogative, honest way, "can't, eldest brother by now and very hard at cope with that hair Qi Be getting more lousy,
Nike NFL Jerseys, can keep not and hurt already very not easy,
2013 NFL Jerseys!"
"Boon?"The 珛 wood is one Zheng, immediately in distress situation way, " light rain you can see clear, that hair Qi lousy sword method the loophole is 100, which still need to be coped with, change to do me can easily break his offensive!"
"BE?"Rain poem stares heavy eyes,
lancel bardot bag, a burst of difficult to expressly see toward the 珛 of wood,, the flash across in eye puts on to don't understand.
Listen to 2 people's dialogue, sky's blessing immediately has never liked spirit ground to become overdo, the eyes expose not and kindly and see toward the 珛 wood,, way, "shut up,
new era 59fifty, don't understand and then don't add commentary indiscriminately,
lancel handbags!That hair Qi is lousy to use of isn't a general sword method, ingenious sword method that he uses at the moment, unrivalled,
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