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lancel premier flirt the old man absolutely can't pass you
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TOPIC: lancel premier flirt the old man absolutely can't pass you

lancel premier flirt the old man absolutely can't pass you 11 months, 2 weeks ago #25380

  • bpyajrugv39
"Grandpa, your old man's house goes first a rest, my having some a matter is going to do,
lancel premier flirt, so ……"
"Come over, arrive my den!"If the beard one tiger directly interrupt beard Mo, the tone is so and firmly.
Beard Mo helplessly Song shrug shoulders, follow beard one tiger, go to his so-called den.
Speak of,, a boorish, especially an illiteracy, own a den, sound to still really have some pout.But,
lancel handbags paris, beard one tiger is it happened that to like to pack to order to be elegant, increase some book for oneself of joss-stick, seem he set up library Ge that sort intention in the mansion, be want to give the felling that people's a kind of text force lays equal stress on.
Get into den, beard one tiger then sat down, an arrogant side leaked of appearance, he examines beard Mo and see the latter in the minds all have some to panic,
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"Some affairs still keep explaining white to leave again and tell old man, you and what relation does that little coquette exactly have?"Beard one tiger stares big eyes, bad ruthlessly say.
The beard doesn't listen to him so on saying and really has 1 kind to think dead impulse.This kind of feels to really be like a wife query the husband has a wild woman at the outside general, if this sentence is to wish new moon to ask, that has some reasonable.But,, this sentence speaks from the of oneself grandpa, really some hard accept.The beard Mo Ku Zhu's face very helplessly looking at him, the momentary still really could not say words.
Beard one tiger looking at him that shape, can not help wrinkly knit the brows, the cold voice says:"How, also think mental reservation?If those are the mankind to pour doesn't matter, can she is a coquette, and you still take place with her that relation, the old man absolutely can't pass you!The beast is a beast, you how can with be she so and so!"
Old faces of beard one tiger are all got by the Qiang red, seem to be all to have some to talk incoherently.Once the facial expression of beard Mo sink and suddenly have already grown an uncomfortable felling in the heart, although just one silk, very obvious.
Although the words of beard one tiger is oneself good, he sounds but the most different idea.Fight a monster how?Fight a monster to there is also cordiality at, sometimes, the mankind all probably have never fought a monster docile!The words of beard one tiger are too absolute, absolutely decide arbitrarily let a beard it is can hardly for Mo to accept,
lancel bags paris,
He settled to stop and think and very respectully said to beard one tiger:"Grandpa, grandson and Mei son she didn't take place what relation, the affair that took place this morning is just misunderstanding.I was settling with her at that time under contract, accepted her life soul, other affairs all have no.The grandpa trusts be,
lancel handbags outlet."
Beard one tiger in the mind a pleased, immediately surprised way:"What?Too like, is really too good!You unexpectedly accepted the war monster of absolute being monster Class, this can
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