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TOPIC: "The grandmother knew

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Quantity, his this life stars hereafter completely can grow up extremely healthy.The shortage of the inborn is to soon repair whole.
Small star, what did you just do?Water month the heart orchid hope a burning star way.As a strong Holy Ghost teacher, she certainly is can respond just of the whole, she is really surprisingly, after small star unexpectedly absorb a demon monster death lost this life vitality.This is no one always can attain!
Grandmother, I don't know as well where!The burning star hopes water month heart orchid way:"Just I was completely free from I to control, this life vitality of that demon monster involuntarily of absorbability,!"
That you feel to have what Be getting more unwell.Water month the heart orchid is the way of concern very much.After all haven't heard who can absorb demon monster vitality.Demon monster vitality after all and together the person's origin strength margin is too big,, strong line of of the words of absorption, perhaps will encounter anti- bite.
Have no where!I felt fit, that bewitching monster vitality got into a body, very quick be turned by the chain,,, a little influence all had no,
NFL Jerseys Outlet!The burning star shook to shake head a way.
The water month protects a method at this time is also walked to come over, they were also very shocked, the bewitching monster of purple blood demon pig but saint rank, the whole body of the saint rank demon monster originally the life vitality isn't weak!Even if is lose general cent,, can which surplus of also absolutely needed to exceed rank in the sky demon monster whole body of vitality.But the burning star unexpectedly is some matters to all have no!This was too really oddness.They can be all clear, the burning star present real strenght hasn't canned break a ground of rank!How again can absorb exceed rank in the sky of strength!
Be free good!Water month the heart orchid took a look a burning star, she more and more feels that the thing of burning star self-discipline is getting more remarkable,
Small star, water month's working properly is also the ear that ran to come over at him light way:"I see grandmother, did they seem to be all to see out, still told grandmother to calculate."
The burning star smiled to smile to looking at her way:"The grandmother knew,, I was getting franker, and after all she is grandmother!Know that the nothing important was also."
Water dream, silver month, water month the heart orchid took a look their way:"Small star some secrets of his body, do I hope what you can not investigate?Can?"
Lancel Handbags, since you say so, all right,
discount new era cap!We don't ask be, the water month protects a method to took a look water heart orchid for month way.Although they are very curious,they also understand some secrets to don't make people knowing, especially the secret of self-discipline.Obviously conceal a very big secret on the body of burning star.And may arouse the heart of watching and waiting of its person very much.
49.-Chapter 49:The burning star goes home
Small Hong, your a good many?
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