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Username Password: Remember me then drill a per person many tall entrance to caves to come.
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TOPIC: then drill a per person many tall entrance to caves to come. then drill a per person many tall entrance to caves to come. 12 months ago #2150

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Settle oneself's cave develops of position, Qin Nan right away sees long breeze toward cloud,, way:"I have already chosen to like position, and you?"
Cloud is long to get wind of speech to order to nod, way:"I just also choose good, we now respectively develop a hole mansion!"

Chapter 114 you indeed as expected make mean
Qin Nan smells speech right away nod, 2 people then and respectively make selection toward he or she of the direction fly.
Qin Nan chooses of position Gao Yai neighborhood, the neighborhood has the one marble the mine there, and the geography is quite good, can appreciate the scene of distance,
Qin Nan right away opens to an overhanging cliff neighborhood,,, the absolute being reads a to sweep, finally assurance a soil ascent that opens on one side in the hole door of hole mansion up.Qin Nan makes sure like after, right away is not unable to decide either,
Nike NFL Jerseys, the heart reads a to move, the magic weapon of immediately a shuttle type then appears in Qin Nan's hand.
This magic weapon is exactly the elder that spreads an achievement palace to lend use for Qin Nan of, named to open up hole shuttle, although just a low grade work properly a machine, but the function is very special, use to construct a hole mansion again suitable however.
Although with Qin Nan's power want to develop a hole mansion is not difficult either, is the power of depletion Be getting tooer many,, but use this to open up hole shuttle, needs to read voodoo and plus few power then all right.
Qin Nan right away reads to spread achievement elder to tell his/her own start voodoo, immediately sees originally fist sort size only of open up hole shuttle immediately and then several decuples, the foot has one person many sizes.Is close behind, this open up hole shuttle front of the spiral form sharp end then flew to soon turn,
Custom NFL Jerseys, thorough stone soil in,, don't eliminate a short moment, then drill a per person many tall entrance to caves to come.
Qin Nan sees a form not from tiny tiny on smiling, dark way in heart:"This magic weapon although the grade isn't high,
Lancel Purse,the grade is used to develop a hole mansion is again suitable however, only I method of using dint the control open up the direction of hole shuttle headway all right."
Right away, Qin Nan then revolves power,, the control opens up hole shuttle to develop a hole mansion, a many hours passed by,
cheap hats, and Qin Nan's hole mansion then developed about.Qin Nan's hole mansion deeply and more more than ten Zhangs, in have bedroom, and self-discipline room...etc., after finishing doing all these Qin Nan lightly drinks a , then will open up hole shuttle to accept
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