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TOPIC: "Tang Long "Tang Long 11 months, 3 weeks ago #21374

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Looking at the ant that climbs in the Tang Long's palm, the first lieutenant almost annoyed at a stretch to shut past.He now can with the tremulous finger point at Tang Long could not say words.That round face of his companion sees this act and immediately run up to help to drag along.
The round face first lieutenant drinks a way with the deep tone of Yin on arriving at:"Tang Long!Have you thus talk with superior?"
Tang Long raised head and chest out to go one toward the round face first lieutenant beautiful military salute, keep a poker face clear voice to say:"Report a superior!Federal soldier rite norm Article 1 section 3 stipulate, have to seriously have to have no the words of asking of answer superior of lapse while facing a superior."
That first lieutenant gives Tang Long this words to make the Geng lived, while Tang Long continues to say:"Report a superior, federal soldier rules 34 regulation rules settling , in several orders,, have to have the initiative the order of completing the tallest superior!Descend an officer now and is carrying out too the Wei superior's order, two first lieutenant superiors, can descending the officer leave?"Tang Long intentionally at too Wei and first lieutenant two words up aggravated a sound.
That thin face first lieutenant finally once panted to come at this time, he was strong to endure a fury, but again nerveless flick:"Continue to complete your task, however second lieutenant, the task on the way can not say gutter language!"
Tang Long comes to a perfects military salute again:"Descend an officer to follow instructions, the task on the way can not say gutter language!"Tang Long again intentionally say that the word aggravated a sound.That round face first lieutenant immediately Rang way:"Can not sing gutter language, either!"Finish saying a face to satisfiedly looking at Tang long, because after hearing this words, the Tang Long's face peeped out the facial expression of flub.
Think at them difficult after living Tang Long, just just turned round, that unpleasant to hear voice and then from after death spread to come over:", 1234567, we climb mountain a dozen of tigers, the tiger isn't at home, and the person who break wind is him!"Two first lieutenant whole body an earthquake, gnash teeth in hatred of turn round,, hatred poison of go toward Tang Long far go of figure.They had never thoughted Tang Long not to call names to incredibly start singing!There is no gutter language in singing,, not the ability sentences with this.Make him come to a stop, doesn't he want to sing,'t say a soldier rules the inside didn't stipulate to sing, oneself woulds not like to bring shame again, either and disappear other connect the new soldier of brigade is laughing wildly?And when the time comes that dead guy is affirmative to make one again other what pattern.
Hence have spirit have no place of they have to mercilessly Xun that helped an unlucky new soldier.Although new soldiers are very bitter, they the in the mind solution annoy,, can see this help the soldier the rascal to suffer indignities, this bitterness calculate what.
Chen Ri now just and a pretty strong of shoulder's ascending be too also hanging the soldier of Wei soldier title to say words.That strong man says with smile:"I say that although this guy there is no background, young of was a second lieutenant, prospect without can capacity, you this
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