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The square Zheng is quietly developing."
Still the Pan book hears square Zheng place name a word, face not from flash across several cent Ao Nu.Humed to hum:"That young and inexperiencedly yellow child, He De He be subjected to thus deep saint Juan?"
Green mountain wood lightly smiled to smile.Don't answer Pan still book ground words, is just a staff.From his section test Pan after failing in examinations still the book accept to permit his first day of the ground since.He then and profoundly knows he ground identity.Staff.He can give the eldest brother the person to provide intelligence report,
Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys.Can give the eldest brother the person to put forward a suggestion.But he has no a way response eldest brother person to emperor's ground full stomach hatred and grievance.
Profoundly sigh 1.Pan still book Qi however way:"Emperor this wanted to dealt with old man!The minister isn't permitted by gentleman.Why have a foothold at the dynasty hall.Why sign Wei at the official hierarchy?Just.Just.The old man resigns to go to also ……"
BE saw through Pan book ground to still make Tai.Green mountain wood is light to say with smile:"Eldest brother person, He Chu, retires of speech?And in spite of the eldest brother person is the prince's teacher.If the some other day prince ascends a big treasure.Does the dynasty hall dare contend for Feng with person of eldest brother on who?And say eldest brother, person's many in the last yearses with patience cultivate geography dint.You are unfeeling to throw but?If the eldest brother person retires.You bottom in the door spread all over China dynasty ground is the pupil past Li to rely on support who, invite eldest brother the person think thrice!"
Pan still the book deeply saw green mountain wood's one eye.Shutting again is worthy of a look.Delightedly say with smile:"The world scholar private's son is many Yis.Only the green mountain knows me.Ha ha,
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Green mountain wood hurried Gong body way:"Bottom in the door isn't just,
buy new era online.Wish to dissipate sorrow for the eldest brother person,"
Still the Pan book says with smile:"Does the green mountain why teach me,"
On jumping, green mountain wood's eyelid's favour way:"Do not dare, bottom in the door thinks, eldest brother the person's sorrow, the nothing but might of heaven is difficult to measure, a gentleman not pleased, but gentleman not pleased, a Yue party contends for,, two Yue eldest brother human rights handles are over-weight,
discount new era cap, but these two kinds, but is an eldest brother the person have a foothold dynasty hall, order the root of official hierarchy, is not likely to let out ground.Thus, the antinomy of the eldest brother person and emperors', have already become to die a bureau, can not solve also."
Still the Pan book declines to comment, thin say with smile:"H'm, continue to say, don't need to concern."
Green mountain wood's lo lo Pan still the facial expression of the book, temporarily but also cut and polish not and deeply him to be encouraging he
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