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TOPIC: can indirectly link in the main trunk line of world.

http://new-era-style-hats-chea​ can indirectly link in the main trunk line of world. 11 months, 3 weeks ago #1971

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 The words sound just fell,, the fire Phoenix fiercely looked up at sky one more voice the floating breeze blared,, on ……the double is fierce wings a flick.The flame that changed in to cover with rises a sky but rises and turn an eye disappearance of without a trace.
Looking at the fire Phoenix disappears of direction, see altar again up, is already to be getting aller empty, all manikins surprisedly opened widely mouth, second year I am no exception.
When I secretly puzzle, the voice of fire Phoenix rang in my brain:"Hey Hey ……the boy, the statue of fire Phoenix, be made by me your space bag lira.Later ……I can put up at in the statue, so the speed of the self-discipline just call quick!Like ……do not talk, you organize everyone to withdraw quickly!"
Startled piece open mouth Ba, dark the Phoenix scolding fire don't rise a face for me, Jing however rob the somebody else's thing!However ……immediately on thinking, be anyway about to abandon right away here,
NFL Jerseys From China, stay be also getting more useless here.
Plop ……Hua ……Hua ……
A chain of voices of tediousnesses are ringing, all manikins knelt down, head sticks to hit the ground noodles, all manikins politely roar a way:"face god of fire respectfullly!"
Looking at in front to closely kneel a ground of full of manikin,
cheap mlb hats free shipping, my whole body not from have the 1 F chicken skin pimple, for so many people kneel down for me.I be still can not habit.
Fiercely stretch out a hand,, the whole body Dou annoys to crazily come together and descends a moment ……I fiercely one Zhang shot is on the ground, immediately ……bomb however the voice ring in, the ground appeared a profound big pit!
Once turn round, my clan in hasing already backed an absolute being set long way:"you organize the body weaker manikin right away and quickly come together in the surroundings of estrade,!"
Talk,, also ignore a clan long how do.I am quick of from the space bag inside took out a lately- settled transmission, because I order of the transmission amount of have already exceeded 100, so ……sorcery association exclusively is my specially made 100 already highly complete of sorcery,, as long as spend several minutes to adjust a method, then can directly connect.
In addition to 44 cent departments, city a little bit greatly order, I built up to belong to my own transmission, because …the name of shop that has us there uses our own transmission while transporting various goods, can with 50% economical expenseses, so ……negative natural for the sake of the customer of sorcery biggest association,, naturally of, they also gave our biggest special discount, not only can own the sorcery of high completion, also give me a main line, a main line that can link the whole world to deliver a net, pass this main line, all of my transmission, can indirectly link in the main trunk line of world.
Is quick from the space bag inside take out, a
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