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prescription ray ban sunglasses because of earthquake of the reason form.
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TOPIC: prescription ray ban sunglasses because of earthquake of the reason form.

prescription ray ban sunglasses because of earthquake of the reason form. 11 months, 1 week ago #108025

  • zanpdnge96
Wear Long Xing in the sky up 1,000,000 people's hope.
"Boon" Guo Feng first and firmly location nod, at this time, have already worked well the plan of end in their heart.
"You trust, we can't occupy."Seeing 3 people such battle righteousness is also tiny touched in the Luo breeze heart, however Luo breeze heart in is to don't worry at all, there is Holy Ghost space at, the root can't have an accident.
"Bomb" a ground to suddenly spread the vibration of a burst of vehemence, imitate a Buddha heavy earthquake general, the voice of "Salsa" linger in the ears, is a quicksand, because of earthquake of the reason form.
"Shout" a burst of strong wind has no root but rises and curled up numerous sandstorms.
The sandstorm seems the regulation ground act, don't arrive a short moment, a diameter is as long as more than ten rices of tornado suddenly and violently have been already formed, however the storm have never now stopped bottom, it still and just and without intermission grows up, the area of the overlay more and more wide, surroundings of the sandstorm be constantly drawn in storm.
"When the diameter of storm is more than 100 meters, the inside will form space crack, the storm in that time is a real evil spirit to copy storm, also the most terrible."Guo Feng after making a decision first, the whole individuals all seem to be very quiet, and introduce for Luo breeze making in the part.
Indeed as expected, the diameter a short moment of storm attains 100 meters, an in fine threads space crack has been already formed, the space crack constantly rolls over along with the storm, suddenly concealed suddenly now, but beyond all doubt, that is absolutely terrible existence.
"Luo breeze brothers, you saw, evil spirit's copying to exert in storm is a space crack, little say to also have the around ten thousand way, don't say to spread fairy, was a big Luo gold fairy to come, got into an evil spirit shadow storm in are also ten deads don't living."Guo Feng first explanation way:"The most is evil spirit shadow the storm move speed very quickly once completely modeling, is that I fly with all strength, at most also copy storm with evil spirit very just."
Indeed as expected, Guo Feng first of once the words sound fall, evil spirit's copying storm has already completely modeled and imitate a Buddha have intention to know generally, madly forbid a short moment toward the direction of person's places like Luo breeze,etc crazy book since then, will wait Luo breeze person to completely gobble up in the storm.
"Do not resist, I take you to go to a place."
Wait Guo Feng to wait person to respond first to come over, have already appeared in another place, in the formal Holy Ghost space, however the place of their place leaves a leaf to fly the place of waiting person's place very far.
"Is really a grand view!"Looking at in the moment huge storm, the slightest didn't fear to an idea in the Luo breeze heart, the emotion of an excitement dashed forward a brain and unexpectedly rose 1 to want to conquer nature emotion in the heart.
"Come, the strength of the great universe, let me experience your power."A wild war idea madly gushes, at the moment Luo breeze heart in whole is to madly fight an idea, begging the heart of war has already had
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