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TOPIC: take daughter's heart most take daughter's heart most 11 months ago #107771

  • bpyajrugv39
Turn, let the heart of Xiao Yao in is also can not help embarrassed beyond words, pay falter I of hard speech form, just sit the Nao head of a strength on the bed to sigh in sorrow.
"This his Yao of how say?"Heart in not and to the utmost band together,,, the Xiao Yao is also extremely of affliction.
World man feeling, take daughter's heart most !
Being long is long of on sighing,
gucci outlet, the Xiao Yao Song pulls a face of looking at Gu old,, the vision was full of to entreat:"The Gu is old,
sale cucci bags,, this ……is also can't!Boy wants to save a father now, don't have no him to read in the heart!Furthermore,, boy now however is 56 years old,, the Qu haven't become adult, how could crave for young people's all-consuming love?"
For the explanation of Xiao Yao, the Gu is old to decline to comment of smiled to smile, in the heart but is some kind of another viewpoints:"The tradition that fights absolute being blood, not indeed as expected general!Will if not firm, even if in the strong blood, also however just a mediocre man!"
The white that didn't like spirit the Xiao Yao is one eye, the Gu is old but is the way that was inattentively full to lift to lift an eyelid:"Since don't want to marry, that walks Bai!Afraid hair!"
See old that careless expression of Gu,, Xiao Yao then is a spirit don't beat a , hate a tooth way:"I if not that drive Han Zhen Tian to penned and fix for,, which meeting drive like this distress!Ah, dollar religion highest point, really his Yao of severe!"Fen Fen of pounded an one punch head on the cotton quilt, the complexion of Xiao Yao green white.
"Qi, is not a very small dollar dint tie, use wear so of fuss?"Gu old eye a horizontal, huming of despise ditty son.
"What trick?Say so, the Gu is old you can solve?"Smell speech, the Xiao Yao is pleased not from forbid, lookinging at of surprise the Gu is old, air extremely of concussion.
The Gu is lightly old lazy to take a reason, just raise finger, on Xiao Yao lightly at 1:00, immediately, Han Zhen Tian leaves of that puts on a red dollar dint to in a twinkling break up.Soon after the Xiao Yao woulds be the dollar of feeling that Hao violent in action,, the dint in a twinkling flooded whole body, that strength regression that had long time no see blood vessels, let the Xiao Yao have grow comfortable must want to groan of felling.
Is tight the fist in the tight hand, red gold color dollar dint deeply body but, filled the air the whole fist on, that powerful felling, let the Xiao Yao extremely enjoy!
"Shout ……" is long long of vomited an one breath, the dollar dint spreads to go and completely refrained from rash action into inside the body.
"Walk!The Gu is old, don't walk again can too late!The that old guy of Han Zhen Tian pens my to fix for, dream also unexpectatively I body up will have Gu old existence, should be not too severe to my surveillance at this time, if by this time walk,
cheap gucci bags, there is probably also opportunity, otherwise, really walk not to drop!"The dollar dint has been already resumed, Xiao Yao's woulding be urgently can not bear of leap from the bed, toward Gu old shout Chi of way.
"Walk?Hum!"Gu old disaffection of cold humed 1, towarded an outside Yang Yang head way:"You see by yourself
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