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TOPIC: "Shi Yan

"Shi Yan 11 months ago #107298

  • drencxdc9ai
While speaking, he displayed a shadow to turn magical power and had already stabbed one sword,gucci boston bags,, pierce through this middle age man's throat!
"The taste that you also know to die now,lancel handbags?"The Zhuo feather sneers at 1 and pulls out to break sword.Let out Shi Yan!
Shi Yan that the red Mou son burn two regiments cut up rough of flame,, spew out a flame, drop two corpse incinerations on the ground.
"I don't acquaint with here, that Zhang teaches a where, and we wanted to solve him!"The Zhuo feather says.
Shi Yan sees to in the center that grandiosity of building,louis vuitton chicago, the deep and low Si roars.The Zhuo feather takes back Shi Yan the universe bead, the shadow turns to fly toward that to construct.
"BE who?"A voice streams into the brain of Zhuo feather,, this is to spread with the mentality phonic!
The Zhuo feather didn't respond to and passed this to the mentality to respond, the Zhuo feather knew this person to is that Zhang to teach, and the mentality still has to be more small and weak than him!Pass this mentality, the catching of Zhuo feather precision taught a where to that Zhang,, a few moments, the Zhuo feather appears in a hall.
"You is young,buy oakley sunglasses online, like this real strenght, let I the blue and old way is too far behind to catch up!"A old with blue China tunic healthy in old age clothes puts off to a later time slowly to outside walk to come in from the hall and has the flavor of some kind of fairy breeze way bones.
If the Zhuo feather is to before see that cruel of one act, he is probably also confused.
Zhuo feather at this time feeling way in the middle of the universe bead Shi Yan's fury, he also put out Shi Yan:"Shi Yan goes to!"
"Beast, do you when promote to Huang Ji Liu's articleses?"Blue and old way the flame lion that see oneself bringing up for several years suddenly leaps out,, isn't and lightly frightenned.
It is a Zhuo feather to own a magic weapon that can deposit a demon monster to in fact make him shocked, magic weapon like this he just once heard as well!
Shi Yan all over emits flame and continuously roars low and flies to make a pounce upon a blue and old way,buy ray ban wayfarer, a way scorching hot matchless flame continuously of spew out from Shi Yan Kou, the Zhuo feather also early leaves this hall!
"Shi Yan, can leave his corpse body had better!"The Zhuo feather spreads a sound way, he before has the order Shi Yan, let he as far as possible of don't break here, don't make too big action.
A short moment after, Shi Yan lets the Zhuo feather go in, Zhuo feather see just of that lies on the ground, there is all over and unexpectedly no wound!
"Shi Yan, are you how to attain?"The Zhuo feather looking at on all sides, didn't also discover what flame,, was obviously Shi Yan to give the income the flame inside the body.
"I used my natural endowments technical ability'the fire of soul'Fen
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