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TOPIC: "Did you kill him

"Did you kill him 11 months, 1 week ago #107118

  • euguwfvv37
The thing packing descends she a greatly jump!
Liu Shui Xin doesn't have instant answer, she withdraws the time of mentality and hasn't returned to absolute being, the breast hurriedly rises and falls, violent of breathe,, she often the year deal with 100 board of trade of working properlies and recognize many things in, she sees from these things, know this ring anything but the common run of people of, if a person kept a thing ring to fall the other people's hand most preciously, this all generally explained this person to be killed.
"Each thing of inside is all invaluable, childe is this keeping a thing ring a whose?"Liu Shui Xin presses down heart in of shocked say.
The Zhuo feather let out star dish,, then put Liu Shui Xin to come out and let her sat on the star dish, the low voice said:"Is what beam fly!"
Liu Shui Xin 's that beautiful eyes stare roll a circle,, she loses a voice to shout a way:"Did you kill him?"
The Zhuo feather ordered to nod, way:"On that day the time in cluster fairy meeting, this guy wants to put to death me,lancel bags in uk, he was arrested a so good opportunity by me, don't kill white not to kill!"
Liu Shui Xin is just tiny to sigh, Zhuo feather and beam's flying originally is an irreconcilable enemy,gucci handbags cheap, there is basically no the possibility of intermediation, she tooked a look those eight arm crocodile dragon,cheap oakley sunglasses sale, can guess the Zhuo feather is to let eight arm crocodile the dragon helped.
"Childe, you see in have what things, these things are all very precious."Liu Shui Xin keeps the thing ring to that and passes to the Zhuo feather.
The Zhuo feather connects to come over, infiltration mentality,lancel bags dali, immediately saw in put tidy thing, the Zhuo feather also could not helped Leng Leng, however at the thought of that beam flies is an elder, in have these things are also the most normal however of affair.
"The white Long Jian, white jade of machine low grade in the sky red sun Dan and a lot of strange flowers difference grass, work properly a stone also many, still have a piece of jade Chien!"The Zhuo feather heart reads a to move and took out that jade Chien,, he saw for a while, is again one Leng.
The inside is all unexpectedly the magical power studied for flying beam, all of these magical powers are very severe magical powers in Kowloon door!
"Water Xin,lancel bardot bag, the magical power of these Kowloon door do you want to learn?"The Zhuo feather passes Chien of jade to her.
Liu Shui Xin shakes:"This is the magical power of Kowloon door, the another group can not learn, if is disheveled hair now,, meeting The Xinhua news agency in Kowloon door month Ru the temple bother."
These magical powers all need very great power to display, Zhuo feather jade Chien put well, take to to their study of Dong Yi Yun, they can the nothing important have scruples about,ray ban aviator titanium, he and then fly that thin sword that kept to take out whole body white in the thing ring from the beam, this thin sword is very beautiful, carve a group leader on the hilt of a sword, whole
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