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under charge not from start changing
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TOPIC: under charge not from start changing

under charge not from start changing 11 months, 1 week ago #106816

  • tse56mnmda07
For black under charge dragon's ghost.
The black dragon more beats more angry, each time will at the time that shot killed, opponent's that Peng chapter was good will come out to come to a spiritual influence to dissolve his attack, let both parties always maintain equilibrium.The in the mind spirit is the slightest hasty, but has no way,, the other party after all is up work properly teacher to fix for, can already do spiritual influence Ning into the attack that is substantial to turn, this is what he can not accomplish currently.
Work properly a teacher highest point although with up work properly teacher only little difference, theory rise fighting strength but is a sky badly do not, two have already completely been not a concept.
When the black dragon and that fierce bandit is placed in stalemated status, there mercenary soldier regiment that vice- chief but have been already fallen to hurt, he after all just just rose in rank to work properly teacher, can in the other party under charge insist so long since through be regarded as not easy,, at this time have already been spent force,, all have quilt the other party at any time the shot kills of danger.
"Crazy Long Zhan!"
Seeing that vice- chief has already been placed in absolute bad situation,miss lancel classic, the black dragon is a bit anxious, under charge not from start changing, the only one for controling works properly Shu, crazy dragon's cutting is made out all of a sudden by him.
Approach substantial turn of knife long grass, cut to split air,, roar and shout but lead to directly toward opposite of that works properly fierce bandit of teacher to split to cut but go.
Seem be shot by his vehemence, that fierce bandit incredibly appeared brief dejected, this is dejected to cause a while he can not avert from in time, the eye sees the knife long grass that will be been substantial by the black dragon to turn split in.
This knife if split actually, this fierce bandit is perhaps direct the meeting be directly cut for the two pieces by the knife spirit of crazy Ba!
The Peng chapter is good tiny tiny on smiling,, make moves once again,lancel french flair, two spiritual influences that is substantial to turn change into two handle lances directly and toward the knife long grasses of black dragon to arouse to shoot since then, black Long Dao annoys although is strong, but finally can at last work properly teacher state of with all strength one shot, if have no accident,ray ban optical, the knife of this crazy Ba spirit will two handle lances being also turned by the other party spiritual influence directly dissolve.
But the affair of accident took place,cheap oakley sunglasses,, at the work properly the fierce bandit of teacher has already felt that oneself saves of time.
That air was rapid to once fly of two handle spiritual influence the lance is in this a moment suddenly be like be subjected to what lead, deflected a track, originally toward black Long Dao Mang to arouse to shoot but go to of the spiritual influence lance was incredibly directly led to submerge an underground.
【079 】 makes moves
"Bomb!"Of an earth vibrate, the ground is directly turned by these two spiritual influences of the lance blasted open a 34 meter wide big pit, ground crack of mountain stone the mud raise in succession, downwards dropping of the sand sand,lancel watches, be like start to descend
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