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ray ban aviators polarized already no longer is what ancient old Psalter
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TOPIC: ray ban aviators polarized already no longer is what ancient old Psalter

ray ban aviators polarized already no longer is what ancient old Psalter 11 months, 1 week ago #106557

  • kvzdpcx29
Time, if you gather together at his nearby, you will discover, this time his mouth in mumbling of, already no longer is what ancient old Psalter, but a person's name-"the west Lu Fu, west Lu Fu, west Lu Fu, west Lu Fu ……"
At this time, a voice suddenly and in the sky rings out, "see, you are really sad."
Cloud fixs an inception to think to is his/her own illusion, but after he raises head, he just knows that this isn't own illusion, because his in front doesn't arrive one meter to open an outside, is standing a men.
Shine in glory in the moonlight under, cloud fixs to see the shape that he loses Gao and still want very white facial expression than the moonlight, red must the eye pupil becoming bright be full of bloody and ruthlessness flavor, but his facial expression is a light smile.
Suddenly on having a liking for to go, he seems the heavy disease is in the body, too frail to stand a gust of wind appearance, but cloud fixs but feels a kind of strong vehemence that almost can not match from his body.
"Do one cup with me, how?"That person's a hand stretches to come over and pass a bamboo cup that fills up wine fixs for cloud, by this time cloud fixs and just discovers also having no on almost a little meat of his hand, absolutely being as general as eagle claw.
However for the at present person, cloud fixs to have no to the slightest fear and accurately says, this in this world's seeming to be already don't what things can let cloud fix to feel fear, whether the other party is how strong or not, again or the vehemence is how strong, he a face at quiet ask a way:"Why but drink?"
"For all bury elusive deep feeling of other people in our hearts."
That person has a liking for to go to fix a quiet performance to cloud very satisfied, ordinary people while meeting this circumstance, will definitely frighten exclaim to turn round to escape.
Cloud after fixing see this person a burst of stretched out a hand to answer this cup wine to come over and quaffed in one gulped.
That person smiled to smile, also oneself the wine within cup quaff in one gulp, after finishing drinking, he smiles to fix to say to cloud:"Now, we were friends."
Finish saying, that person turns round to leave, he just on once turning round, his corner of mouth have a deeply red and long line flowed out, this long line is from his corner of mouth had been extending till his before the chest, all once in a very long while didn't break line.
In this time, his body avoids as taboo most of be drink, can say, just what he drink is no longer one cup wine, but a cup goes to poisonous of poison
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