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sunglass of ray ban the Zuan wears a fist mercilessly way
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TOPIC: sunglass of ray ban the Zuan wears a fist mercilessly way

sunglass of ray ban the Zuan wears a fist mercilessly way 11 months, 1 week ago #106548

  • vamphnbu62
"Evil country green general pirate of Long Ying Zuo" pirate is answered a way with a few hoarse voices, in fact he naturally for this voice, contain again much watermelon frost also not make!
"The general returns in triumph after the evil Xuan Wu Ying of country" returns in triumph to look upwards richest person's emperor the mouth say with smile.
"The camp of Qi Lin, the lieutenant general soldier is free and unfettered" free and unfettered in brief spoke a few words, the voice arrived low a richest person the emperor unwillingly can hear of degree.
"Ah, evil country five great commander soldiers arrive, I've long been looking forward to meeting you I've long been looking forward to meeting you!"Richest person the emperor dynasty is public an embrace a boxing to say with smile:"Everyone comes with me, I introduce the friend of other influences for you!"
Nowadays the world of game might it not be gold, dragon, Qin and four evil magpieseses rise of essential influence, other such as breeze, snow and sky three inside etc. the influence sew to beg to save in the bitterness bitterness in these four clipping of general situation dint!Have several very valuable ponds the small influence for all hasing no more to all day long bum Gou to breathe heavily to destroy an interest on the landscape.
One by one after once visiting each monarch Ma Long's waiting a person is invited to a big debt of richest person's emperor in, though invitation of artificial number not much, the so big soldier debt still seems to be to hustle.
"Richest person elder brother, we round city to come over all the way in times before, discover the city wall of Xiang sun already many places tumbles down, and four have already broken three, why didn't the expensive soldier kill into capture alive blade Zheng of city?"Talking is political power Qin's monarch, this question at the right moment asked everyone common question, came the players of helping to all discover this circumstance, but could not figured out why!
Richest person's emperor deeply absorbs tone, the Zuan wears a fist mercilessly way:"The brothers that is responsible for my warfare according to my household says that the city wall city gate has been already offended to break, but the lord mansion is a bottomless pit, regardless devotion how much troopses will be refused by the blade Zheng in lord mansion big hall outside, even if and at any costly offend into a big hall, the our army also basically consumes however that bedlamite!Usually is dash into how much dead at in how much, big hall the inside be filled with by the corpse each time, cause our army's canning not continue to attack and occupy!While cleaning up corpse and passage, it happened that that blade Zheng imitate Buddha physical strength and resumed height of prosperity status, so keep up to now a day warfare still a bad vicious cycle!"
"That, that doesn't he eat?"The someone in the crowd small voice asks a way.
Make reference to here a richest person the way of the emperor gnash teeth in hatred:"If don't eat of drink of, that bedlamite alone one person meeting the path keep to a big camp of our army to take to take!Basically have no
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