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ray ban glasses online let's return ."
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TOPIC: ray ban glasses online let's return ."

ray ban glasses online let's return ." 11 months, 1 week ago #106541

  • ranfazta22
Matter says:"This affair, I see still wait father to come back again say, otherwise, the father comes back to see us not at, will definitely punish severely ours."
"You are silly ah, " eight black immediately refute sharply a way, "the father come back, we which still have opportunity to go out?We as long as rushing through back before the father goes home, he then can't blame and scold us."
Three black careful, consider a long time, say:"Problem BE, we don't know that the father when comes back."
Eight black clevernesses, slightly an irresolute, then have been already disputed, say:"We of 12 brotherses inspiration, even if be separated 108,000 inside, also ability mutual communication true feelings.I see rather so, brothers would not like to go out, then stay an observation, if realize that the father returns to the evidence of mountain, immediately the brothers out of the notice, outside of the brothers rush through back in momentary, then absolutely safe."
"Thus and very good, " is big black to clap hands to say with smile, throw a look in the eyes at the same time to 12 black, "so who would like to stay?"
12 black lower the head, mean tacit approval.
However at the same time, three black also stood to come out:"I just at self-discipline absolute being achievement, not interrupted, I also stay."
The words sound just fell, but listenned to after death ring out to slightly take just some little displeased voice:"I really think to go out with you, can unfortunately of BE, the belly makes Teng of severe, perhaps is to can not go, damn of snake, dead all died to still want poison to harm my body, too damned."
This is seven black, extremely gluttonous in normal times, what mountain the fruit wild insect, birds and beasts is all are welcome, this ate a boa yesterday not, have already encountered retribution today.
Being public to coax to smile is a burst of, big black say:"Is all right, settle so, three younger brothers, seven younger brothers, 12 younger brothers stayed, the person of the rest, follow me."
Once the big hand flick, the public joys makes, the excitement writes set out.
Which anticipate this to go, would be forever.
Come out gate to a monastery, just discover world just when flood deluge, the wild beast wreaks havoc and originally kept in mind the good heart feeling of Chuai, drive this all the way bad beautiful scenery, frivoled completely.
Not the week mountain pours, the sky broke a hole, the sediment water current is dashing to go toward in ooze, foster overbearing flood, recklessly flush a livinging of human life to work properly and don't living to work properly, each inch land easily crush enemy resistance misappropriates to living to work properly and doesn't living to work properly, but these living to work properly and don't living to work properly, can helplessly the despair write.
The even if called by bloodthirsty Zhao gold is black, also not from must be been at present of an act act profoundly tremor write.
The mood started to tidy up to decline, big black say:"The brotherses, originally and outside have no divertive, let's return ."
Is public together voice should with, agree his opinion.
BE just preparing to get back, suddenly
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