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TOPIC: lancel in london "

lancel in london " 11 months, 1 week ago #106314

  • eddx04arm66
"Nine the temple gossip sword method although the power is big,,have to every moment maintain.Once being interrupted, again from the first.Liu Ye Mei is clear is in the lo this, with most just fierce martial skill, inhibitted weakest part of my front.With this, obstruct my sword power exertion."
Wu Ling Xin knows that Liu Ye Mei exchanges blows it's experienced, nine temple gossip sword methods are to can not display in front of him,, however he isn't the person who easily admits defeat either:"Liu Ye Mei wins I at wanting, this recruits, still not enough!"
Once the voice fall,
lancel in london,, Wu Ling Ba gets empty but rises, body form in a flash, suddenly change into a lightning flashes, leave a several cripple shadow.All over the body the Gang spirit sprays thin cloud and mist, the foot even has concomitant thunder and lightning.
"Hum!Be perverse, no wonder that this childe!"
See Wu Ling repeatedly refuse, also start to living a wrath in the Liu Ye between the eyebrows.He should be disposition irascible, almost at the violent crazy person.Kill an always not appropriate time of one or two person matter.The heart that seldom have love just this time, return quilt an even refuse,
lv outlet online, also arose a fury in the heart."Boy, you can no wonder that I!"
Liu Ye Mei one Cui boxing idea,
lancel purses, the contend for idea turn of the snake absolute being roar and shout but, three huge snake heads continuously flutter in the unreal and make track for a shot is continuously gleaming of martial Ling .
Battlefield above, suddenly and violently deep-fried repeatedly, the Qu of the steel of martial Ling ,
sac lancel 1er flirt, and the snake absolute being of that Liu Ye Mei invokes the image repeatedly bump shot together.A spirit vigorously pours book but rises from the sky, the whole rocks of battlefield all drive book get up, the ground quickly becomes the Hang Hang Wa Wa.
lancel uk, back to open quickly!"
The martial of easy Sui 4 F, declaring can move mountains Han Yue.These 2 people fully have chain absolute being still falsely the real strenght of the state martial, the power compares of easy Sui 4 F of martial all want to be strong to ascend a lot.The mountain peak all felt threat on many persons of view wars.Take Liu Ye Mei and Wu Ling to fight each other, boxing idea loose dynamic opportunity, withdraw several hundred Zhangs.
Also in this time, solution language Yan and Feng's dancing in the wind moderate breezes 23 people don't have already backed the place of enough safety.
The Feng dances in the wind to lift up head on hoping, unreal in only the Gang breeze flow out and the slightest can't see the person's shadow, for the war situation,, they also have no from the confidence.The Feng dances in the wind to again join to fight regiment,
lancel hong kong, but drive solve language Yan two personal deads die of pull:"Elder brother and that persons are all too strong, we hastily go up will bad matter!"
Nevertheless say, solution language the person of face of the Yan is full of to matchlessly worry.
And now in the sky martial Ling , taste also not lead.The attack that faces three snake absolute being, he has to make use of Taichi method to dissolve one by one.Taichi is Wu Dang's uniqueness to extremely learn.Wu Ling is naturally equal
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