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lancel handbags usa Chapter 125 wild absolute being thunder
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TOPIC: lancel handbags usa Chapter 125 wild absolute being thunder

lancel handbags usa Chapter 125 wild absolute being thunder 11 months, 1 week ago #105901

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The terrible place of method , formely in the Xiao house, once realized big elder of crazy evil person of knife method, basically had no where severals still wanted to again learn by exchanging views with big elder!And big elder also because the reason of the crazy evil knife method, but at Xiao house, even all have a loud and clear title in the force educational circles.
The knife is crazy, deathless endlessly of knife in of crazy!
The Xiao star wolf fiercely opens a pair of eyes, in that split second, unexpectedly and deeply project in his eyes in fine threads have if the white light of substantial sort!A burst of sting purpose thunder light opens a pair of moment of eyes in the Xiao star wolf and rise one from the feet bottom of Xiao star wolf circle the wild thunder immediately turn to make only together blunt sky of but rise of Long Juan, surround the Xiao star wolf whole amount among them!
"Order for my calmness!"
The Xiao star wolf Nu drinks 1 and around only echoes but spreads in the thunder of the Xiao star wolf surroundings while ascending, while his figure as well immediately rears.
A set of whole reply type battle armor tightly sticks on the body of Xiao star wolf.Impressively is the universe battle armor!
Can with usually different BE, this universe battle armor's unexpectedly becoming body is snow-white!But in the battle armor of superficial, several faintly discernable the purple scar flow to turn on the battle armor on, let the universe battle armor the without cause Be even to add several boundary pleasant impressions.
嗞嗞 -
A way dazzle the white electricity Hu is feel like to become mad generally, send out 嗞 of the Chi of嗞 ring, wild in the surface of the universe battle armor!
Chapter 125 wild absolute being thunder
This shape, if the in front of Xiao star wolf appears one noodles mirror and estimate that he will also cannot help but dark great:The Te is cool.
But, in the heart of Xiao star wolf, but in the wry smile.
The reason has no him, be because in the body surroundings that is wild, extremely indocile thunder and lightning.
Is depressed, he a little bit regretted now.Indeed as expected is to don't listen to old man speech, suffer a los at at present.
The green dragon clearly once says, the time in the beginning don't use too big strength, his Zha of did the momentary excitement forget to knead?
Punishment of exciting indeed as expected says to come right away.
Around in the thunder of the universe battle armor surroundings only, basically isn't a Xiao star wolf intentionally play handsome effect, is that the thunder and lightning of that Ya isn't obedient!
Just, originally he thought according to the felling in past, , drew out one part of universe dint to coagulate into the universe battle armor from the thunder Dan in the pubic region, can have never thought, that universe dint was unexpectedly like Ke medicine, a while dashing from the place of thunder Dan but, unexpectedly still wreak havoc in the blood vessels of body very overbearingly?!
One roars loud, the wrath is worth after the ground of Ceng Ceng soar, those universe dint is just very not easy to temporarily press down, however, the blood vessels still keep being that a burst of is piercing.
However, let him is most non- language 1:00 BE, he discovered an extremely ruthlessness fact.With
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