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gafas ray ban they where knew to exactly take place what matter
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TOPIC: gafas ray ban they where knew to exactly take place what matter

gafas ray ban they where knew to exactly take place what matter 11 months ago #105751

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Arrived light the elder brother lie at of in the ground.
"Came to night, told you the eldest brother this matter."In times before of for the person of head very dissatisfied of say a , then take several individuals face west the front door walk.
One big cluster of human face face reading Qu, they where knew to exactly take place what matter, after a burst of Rang Rang, among them, several individuals lift five people of ground and quickly leave.
Then here resumed one again silent, only rock'n roll inside of music spread.
However soon resume of silent again be broken.
Accompany with a ringing out of a burst of whistle, a group of people police appeared at court to discover a field, just which also someone's shadow, arrive rock'n roll inside find out a representative director after inquiring some kind of and quickly leave.
The moon once wears cloud and mist, transparent of glorious insolate inside the park, seem to just take place of everythings have never taken place generally.
But at this time, one regiment jet black and thick cloud once floated, split second, covered shining in glory of moonlight.
Bright and matchless moon as if receive at a hope limitless crape in, Meng hazy Long, aery but again mysterious.
But He Jiu Hui flounces from the dark cloud, the Pu shines on the earth and reappears its brilliancy afresh!
Lin Hao's emergence, this night destine will make the many people gravamen quiet.

【Let us try eyes in order to wait for, what mysterious identity does Lin Nan exactly have...... 】
Chapter 059 from
The night is more deep, but city of street remain light fire brilliancy, gleam the color of low Mi.
Transact the indoor at a president of top-class amusement club building of office tallest layer of Zheng Zhou luxurious district-
Six and the group leader D of the meeting Lei the right leg raise on the left leg, the back is comfortable of depend on the sofa, clip a cigar smoke in hand, put a side at the mouth, after deeply taking a suck at to vomit one regiment smoke.
"Did you see clear?"
One mixs up with to tell from the his mouth in magnetic voice.
At whole transact the indoor, in addition to him, there is also 78 years old one, take the youth of the gold silk side glasses text quality Chinese fir Chinese fir to sit the sofa that towards in his the left side up, this person be all seriousness, give people a kind of careful earnest style.
But D Lei's asking the object of words isn't him, but in addition to another person outside their 2 people.
This person isn't other people, is exactly recognize Lin Hao of mix sub- Li Hui.
Face six and meeting of group leader, for even have never entitled to join six and meeting of Li Hui come to say, obviously is first time, so stand on the in front of D Lei, the facial expression is very cautious, even in in fear uneasy.
Hear asking of D Lei words, don't dare to neglect, hurriedly not noding of Die, "BE ……yes, eldest brother, I ……younger brother
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