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lancel umbrella The medicine old man says
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TOPIC: lancel umbrella The medicine old man says

lancel umbrella The medicine old man says 11 months ago #105695

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Chicken rib, after all who will lose a life soul, have never thought, unexpectedly today will meet such a circumstance."
"This time soul Dan has what restriction?"Snow Ming didn't be like public and similar, hearing the news of medicine old man is to peep out smiling face and on the contrary asked a way.
"Snow Ming miss is indeed as expected intelligent,
lancel umbrella,, " medicine old man point nods, "such as if really and so simple, I can't shake head and return to the creation material of soul Dan first and have already disappeared to disappear before as early as ten thousand years,
lancel mini flirt, is not likely to find out any further, however is unusually lucky BE,
lancel wallet, in those early years I for testing this medicine square,, once made a ,
lancel handbags in malaysia, is this."
Medicine old man says to take out a jade bottle from the bosom and lightly uncovered cover,, one was very familiar dollar dint to undulate from delivered among them, and public all felt the sympathy that this time soul Dan and own life soul ambiguously have just some little, imitate if is a part of life soul.
Listens to medicine old man immediately after say:"Return to soul Dan the manufacturing isn't difficult, certainly just to me, but seldom is how to let a green even problem for taking.Because is wait if re- make a life soul in the green even body, so have to have six superiors, will return to soul Dan to lead to go into a green even body at the same time, is immediately after beaten a strategies in returning to soul Dan by me, let it can temporarily fix in the place of the life soul of green even disappearance, so can temporarily maintain green even source of vitality."
"Six superiors?"The Phoenix knits the brows a way, " how of then the superior can be regarded as."
"Return to soul Dan once getting into the person's body, necessarily will cause the emergence that the sky robs,, because is green even is a life star soul, have six life souls existence, so the sky robs will also since six directions inheritted, 6 leads into return to soul Dan to the green even person, have to have the real strenght to take charge as chief, at least before my strategies decoration completes, can not make me be subjected to interference of one silk."
The medicine old man says:"Concrete superior?My wanting must is a fairy class at least highest point, Phoenix you think necessarily also clearly,
louis vuitton louis, fairy class the highest point and absolute being class actually there is no essence differentiation on dint at the dollar, differentiation just lie in to the use of rule, but the motion that rob to all be just test dollar dint in all skies just, so in my absolute being class of you and we, is have no much difference, but just stepped in mental concentration some people, although initial controled the dint of rule,
lancel bags dali, possible dollar dint still not equal to you,, persons like this are all nothing doing.But you arrive now where look for a so many superior?"
Calculate the last medicine old man, at least seven superiors of fairy class highest points save
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