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lancel purses Qin Nan sees also about
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TOPIC: lancel purses Qin Nan sees also about

lancel purses Qin Nan sees also about 11 months, 1 week ago #99873

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, And unexpectedly and still is having no intention of saving next own small daughter's daughter, the flower dances a shadow.Spend comfortable not from happily jumped to get up, wonder in the heart, this Qin the south as a result and oneself the one family decree by destiny very much.Hence spend comfortable then neglect the affair of Shih-cheng, tirelessly rushed through back, finally see Qin Nan at the moment, be imaginable his heart of happy.
"Master, the dinner party puts!"
But by this time, but the servant is to get into hall, openings way.
Spend strong breeze to smell speech, immediately say with smile:"Like, father, you just came back, I already for you put good give welcome dinner carouse, you still simultaneously have a meal, part and the Qin Nan Xiao brothers Chang chat!"
Spend comfortable smell speech this just smile to order to nod, the Wan wears Qin Nan, and flower dance a month, spend persons, such as strong breeze and wood Hsiang-lan...etc. into dining room inside, start taking meal.
Qin Nan and spend comfortable big Yan some kind of, at spend comfortable entreaty under, Qin Nan substitutes to spend again comfortable carved a stone carving, Qin Nan thinks so long don't carve, the inevitable technique wasn't well acquainted with, but Qin Nan Yi carves,is to surprisedly discover,
lancel purses, own carvings comes out of the stone carving not only have no the slightest become bad, on the contrary compare of more extraordinary in the past, the artistic conception were getting higher.
However Qin Nan at surprised that remaining also understood to come over right away, Qin Nan thus fix Be getting higher for being the highest, to the feeling Wu of God's way also the deepest, again carving rising stone carving coming, regardless being the usage to the strength,, being still artistic conception, nature comparing at the beginning Gao Duo, carving coming out of stone carving, nature also comparing of better passing by,
sac lancel 1876, already.
Connect to spend strong breeze and wood Hsiang-lan two not how like the person of stone carving to see Qin Nan's work, also not from be full of praise.
Spend comfortable see that of stone carving, the nature is to don't want to put it away, don't already appreciate to Qin Nan.
Qin Nan sees also about, right away and then to flower comfortable way:"Spend a building lord,
sac lancel flirt, like, you also came back at present, I also the time should leave!"
Spend comfortable smell speech not from a surprised, way:"Qin Nan Xiao's brothers, are you walking again,,
speedy 30 louis vuitton?We are very not easy to meet,, and the moon this bond maid then remember you every day after you walked, you how not much go along with her, you this time if again walk, she was definitely sad to die,!"
The flower dance month of one side smells speech Qiao a face immediately a red,
chanel bags,, flower strong breeze and wood Hsiang-lan sees a form and finally understands the daughter's intention at the moment, 2 husband and wife are mutually to saw one eye, seem again say, if own women can marry such person, also very quite good.
Qin Nan sees flower strong breeze and wood Hsiang-lan 2 people's look in the eyes,
lancel bags new york, see naturally 2 people by now had some to show interest and seemed to want to bring together oneself and flower
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