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gucci tote bag 00= don't thought of ancient Jia orchid unexpectedly not
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TOPIC: gucci tote bag 00= don't thought of ancient Jia orchid unexpectedly not

gucci tote bag 00= don't thought of ancient Jia orchid unexpectedly not 11 months, 1 week ago #99810

  • rzyeihuyj88
The joys is this handkerchief, but the handkerchief was touched by you, I couldn't want again."The thou Jia orchid says,
"Is not …… thou young lady, I can dry-clean for you and wash out my all fingerprintses ……" Lin San Ji's way.
The thou Jia orchid shakes:"Need not, the handkerchief contained minor faults, be dry-clean 10 times can not also blur out fact, since you can pick up handkerchief,
gucci tote bag, explain that you decree by destiny with handkerchief,, that I sent the handkerchief to you."Finish saying, turned round to take car inside,
Speed a car to slowly drive away.
Lin San takes handkerchief, hoping of Leng Leng speed the direction that the car leaves, the whole individual was all foolish to live.
"Lin San!"After death spread a shout.
Lin San becomes overdo and discovers to shout his to is a week sky.
Stood down from the step week sky:"Lin San, don't you be good to stand guard at the door and run to do to here what?"
"I ……I pick up the young lady's handkerchief in thou, just thou the young lady is from the building in come out, I intend to return to her."Lin San says.
The handkerchief that tooks a look the inside of Lin San Shou says week sky:"Is this really the thou young lady's handkerchief,
lancel bucket bag?"
Lin San's point nods:"Yes, but thou young lady ……"
"What's the matter with the young lady of the thou?"Ask a way week sky.
"The thou young lady says don't , directly send to me."Lin San says,
"Send to you,
lancel handbags online?You and thou does the young lady have friendship?"Week sky one Leng,
gucci shopping online.
Lin San's wry smiles 1:"For my identity, how may there is friendship with the young lady in thou."
"Since have no friendship,
miss lancel classic,, why does the young lady want to send handkerchief to you that thou."Interrogatively ask a way week sky
Lin San Zhang opens mouth:"I ……I ain't clear either."Lin San doesn't know to change as well how heel explain week sky, always can not say, oneself once touched handkerchief,
ray ban rx5169, so the ancient Jia orchid doesn't want.
"Like, since thou the young lady sent the handkerchief to you, you accept well, immediately stand guard at the doorway now, don't again confused run."Order way week sky.
Lin San's point nods:"I knew."
Gave repeated advice to severals again week sky, turn round to leave.
Lin San walks to station in the doorway good, hope the handkerchief of beginning the inside, mood complications thousand times, hungry a day, finally wait until an ancient Jia orchid to come out, but wood 30,00= don't thought of ancient Jia orchid unexpectedly not, Lin San lightly exhales an one breath and soliloquizes a way:"The daughter spoilt daughter of a rich family is a daughter spoilt daughter of a rich family, the Pi is welldifferent from the ordinary people so much, so good handkerchief because be touched by the other people to once touch don't , is really ……" Lin San thought along while, didn't also figure out a suitable phrase language to describes an ancient Jia orchid.
Finally Lin San folds handkerchief Zi cautiously and thinly well, put at bosom, no matter how it is, say, this handkerchiefs are all
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