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lv messenger bag can not even go to the Earth to repair the sun fragment."The Apollo sighs a way
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TOPIC: lv messenger bag can not even go to the Earth to repair the sun fragment."The Apollo sighs a way

lv messenger bag can not even go to the Earth to repair the sun fragment."The Apollo sighs a way 11 months ago #99670

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Fall down.His super ability is discarded by the heart of time have already paid to can not hold up, plus a constellation use Kowloon fly the time of shuttle, the strong super ability earthquake spreads Chen Feng end one breath, his heart vein is more and more weak.
"Damn of, I incredibly die of so timid!"Chen Feng's self-ridicule of on smiling, then double the eye gradually shut.But in the absentminded,
lv messenger bag, he seemed to see Liu Yue is walking to him,, Chen Feng stretches out a hand to lead long her hand, but Liu Yue shook to shake head and said"you come wrong place, here isn't that you should come."
Then, Chen Feng feels someone's one Zhang claps on he or she, Chen Feng's condition of the injury gradually started resuming.
Liu Yue in the moment disappears from Chen Feng, what to replace is another two people,
official louis vuitton website, Chen Feng sees them, the corner of mouth floated one silk smile"is you, you in pick me up go to heaven,
lancel miss adjani?We again can together."
109.The third freshman in the judgment day-chapter 41 world in world
On the sun,, fix two brotherses of Luo and Apollo is displaying energy to shield to seal the sun black hole extremely,
louis vuitton online bags,, a flock of evil clan tries very hard to in the black hole of want to struggle, the strategic area breaks to shield.Fix Luo and Apollo divine power to continuously consume, finally dint Jie,
lancel french flair, arrive numerous times canning not holding up against an evil clan to collide with quickly.
"The mankind who inherits the sun fragment why haven't come yet, again not and quickly come over an evil clan Be about to thoroughly break through to print."The Apollo sweat flows all over the face.Fix Luo don't arrive as well where go to,, he facial expression pale, say"I have been keeping in mind permafrost trend, just that I am clear and feel for an instant the sun fragment break of evidence, want and necessarily inherit the mankind of the sun fragment and lose to evil month emissary, even the sun fragment was also destroyed."
"Is really useless,
sac adjani lancel occasion,, the sun fragment breaks us to repair with the divine power, only now this circumstance we can not leave the sun at all, can not even go to the Earth to repair the sun fragment."The Apollo sighs a way, at present in a dilemma, simultaneously want to be worried that the evil clan rushes out, another part want to worry if the evil month emissary found out the absolute being machine of month again.
"However is very strange, I seemed to feel another sun fragment." Fix Luo some not and greatly affirmative of say.The Apollo quickly asks a way"sending of other sun fragments did the lord awake?"
"Not, this circumstance is different, good elephant ……many good elephants a piece of sun fragment." Fix Luo to say, the sun fragment is the sun to lose a crystallize at the permafrost energy after printing the destruction, totally have 9 pieces, but
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