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lancel handbags malaysia the life and death territory
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TOPIC: lancel handbags malaysia the life and death territory

lancel handbags malaysia the life and death territory 11 months ago #99655

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The whichever person hastily gets into a deep place the crary attack that will encounter the bone dragons.This is what Cai Yun listenned to Xu Chen saying in former times, thought of the bone dragon of allowing the dust description of ferocious and amount, Cai Yun immediately canceled into deep place of Long Hai's mountain range the viewpoint for escaping.
The speed that Cai Yun escapes is in a very short moment the quickest, originally should be 100 meters,
lancel handbags malaysia, but as for everyone's person's horse that face continuously Zu to cut since then, his speed was influenced.Though the hand inside has already been stained with full blood, still haven't darned guy a per of blunt come up.
Thus,, his soul dint digest to fall into a leeway very and quickly and gradually.Face this circumstance,, he can avoid as far as possible otiose fight, take escaping as a first target,
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All the way of although the enemy is continuously cut to kill by him,his in the mind is always anxious and fearful.He worries most to isn't the enemies who appear currently, but Long Hai in the guess the mountain range incubate of several ten rank above strong!These people have already exceeded to go into that world that fixs, the real strenght completely can not mention in the same breath with nine ranks,
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His Cai Yun is strong, eight ranks drop nine ranks for the ability, but this doesn't represent him to promote nine ranks behind also the ability drop ten ranks!Ten ranks are a sky of Qian with nine ranks, this Mo is old to have already told oneself.Numerous in the last yearses, don't know to have how much nine ranks strong surrounds one-step here!Also because of this reason, once exceeding into ten ranks, the real strenght will also take place the whole world upside down variety.
Ten ranks, the life and death territory, are called the world of fixing!In their eyes, nine ranks compare with mole cricket and ant also bad not how much.Cai Yun though body and various big magical powers, didn't°yet arrogance to think that oneself can place on equal footing with these people.
Once these are so-called to fix to make moves, perhaps his life and death is difficult to measure!
Thought of these, everyone's person's horse plus to continuously flow out, Cai Yun's heart becomes nervous gradually, almost is ten tread a to kill, feel like devil from nine You hells!
When Cai Yun kills, back a hurricane with line up the mountain pours sea of the vehemence quickly oppress since then, the violent breeze even blows some one who fix to kill for weakly making track fors 100 meters outside.
"Nine rank strong,
loui vuitton shop online?"Cai Yun feels the vehemence of hurricane and can not help eyebrows a wrinkly, this is the approach of the first nine rank strong,
red louis vuitton, and fix for still just he on, seem to come to an a middle,
lancel rock n roll.
"Hand over tradition,!"Hurricane dissipation, breeze wolf clan west green figure in the door rear,, he stares at Cai Yun and peeps out bloodthirsty vision.
Cai Yun is to lightly see his one eye,, later on figure in a flash, with kill off an eight rank strong, then will continue to escape forward.Fool around here with the other party in his eyes and is most not
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