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TOPIC: also not is a censer statue of Buddha

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F walk, the sun small Die in Europe basically understood oneself to commit suicide uncompleted dizzy Jue the situation after.
Just Shaolin Temple in the tonight obviously and different formely,, the gate to a monastery greatly opened, the whole Shaolin Temple was a torch glow-in-the-dark everywhere, each corner in Shaolin Temple shone on of like the daytime, be like darkly suddenly disappeared here similar, 3 people are mutually on hoping, once walked gate to a monastery, lead Yong way, wore for a sky, Wang Dian,
gucci handbags 2013, in the moment woulded be a big male treasure palace, just strange, this unexpectedly disappeared a monk all the way, be the big male treasure palace opens at the moment of inside the palace door is also empty none person.
Often light rain'Yi' a , way:"Can't!Is unorthodox!"
Allow to float Ping to conjecture everywhere, listen attentively, is also a have no acquisition.A head of fog water allows to float whom the Ping eavesdroped while suddenly thinking of in the Chang-an green cloud Inn such as the words of gentleman,, to often light rain and sun small Die in Europe did a signal for silencing, 3 people hence once rounded a big male treasure palace,, the big male treasure brings up the rear to would be three square Zhang rooms that connect together green brick green tile,
Square Zhang the indoor lights is bright, door is a Yan falsely of, allow to float Ping to return to body to keep in mind whole no men, hence push door but go into.3 people just an enter square Zhang the indoor, rush toward into an eyelid of not is a full purpose Confucian classics, also not is a censer statue of Buddha, but on cultivating flowers, a kind of the flower-azalea that 3 people all know, is just that the assortment of this kind of azalea is a kind of very colorful blood-red color,
cheap gucci handbags, the fragrance of flower is heavy, mentally refreshing, a full house of azaleas so recklessly open at 3 people in the moment.
Often the facial expression of light rain but is an abnormality of shocked,
cheap louis vuitton,, the distance of the of that eyebrow and eye is unexpectedly to beat a lot in normal times than the inside, at the same time surprised way in heart:Blood-red flower!In the eye but exert is sorrow.
Allow to float Ping to knit the brows, knit the brows of catch sight of purple red at the same time square table the top Be even to lie a painting, the first half part of painting is used a square paper in the town press, second half part together with the roller for scrolls bottom hang in the sky.The sun small Die in Europe obviously also saw this painting,, because sun small Die in Europe at the moment just at'H'm H'm H'm', at the same time once the left hand pull a term to float the gusset of Ping, the right hand points to that painting.
Allow to float Ping 3 people to quickly walk to come forward to,, see one woman beautiful as a fairy of painting,
discount new era hats, hold an arethusa is making track for a drama flower butterfly, return to have the tang dynasty poet, Li Bai,'s two poems in 《ascend the gold Ling Phoenix set 》 in the painting:Three mountain halfs fall a blue sky outside and divide egret continent in one water.Allowing to float a Ping dark way isindeed as expected if say in gentleman mouth of the painting, just this painting exactly with purple bamboo Xuan inside of does that make uniform kind, if similar, two of have again how of contact?Sun small Die in Europe why see this painting like this big reaction also?
Allowed to float Ping to see one sun small Die in eye Europe, way:"Do you know this painting?"
Sun small Die in Europe'H'm H'm H'm'
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