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lancel outlet pure matchless Ying light time the body flow to turn
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TOPIC: lancel outlet pure matchless Ying light time the body flow to turn

lancel outlet pure matchless Ying light time the body flow to turn 11 months, 1 week ago #99530

  • vmrbfkdn01
Is critical, the cluster person of ground feels a burst of scorching hot matchless heat wave inherit, not from retreat in succession, surroundings of the temperature is continuously and madly increasing ……
Being public to withdraw several hundred Zhangs on the ground is far outside, can still keep feeling to get this scorching hot matchless felling ……
The gun is like hot sun, is constantly becoming big, wink, the gold gun towers aloft in the Qiong in sky and is up to 100 Zhangs, the dazzling golden light dashes forward for nine days and keeps splitting toward the small evil absolute being but bottom.
"Bomb Long ……"
The huge matchless gold gun breaks empty but next, world not the voice of sort wave, sent out tidal wave by a burst of,
lancel outlet, the earthquake wins public support a person double ear Weng the Weng keep blaring.
"The lotus mentally dense opens!"
The small evil absolute being hopes a huge gun from the gold of nine days roar and shout but bottom, a Chi way.Sees two white lotus glories flickering and spreads a Ying light of without blemish, almost transparent, the lotus in a twinkling blooms and gleam infinite seven roseate clouds light, alternate mutually show off,, the glory is big prosperous, head for a huge gun of gold ……
"The Mao bombs ……"
The lotus blooms, like at the dawn of civilization,
louis vuitton uk bags, seven roseate cloudses only and constantly flow to turn and keep splitting but next of gold the huge gun was played by this kind of huge strength to open a while.Of in a flash, the golden light is blunt sky of, play to open of gold the huge gun ruthlessly split at ground up,
lancel uk store,, the earth signed drive slice open a 100 Zhangses grow of huge crack ……
Is public not from see dumbstruckly, this, too terror!
"Kill, the lotus opens world to change!"
Small evil absolute being Nian flower smile, then the hands knead Jue and knot a lotus to print, immediately,
loui vuitton shop online, pure matchless Ying light time the body flow to turn, with once the hand flick, two huge white lotuses bloom in the half to get empty in, Xia light strange burst of color, reflect bright the whole day Qiong ……
The Xia light play Xuan changes into together severely matchless current of air whirlpool and imitate a Buddha to want world all book enter among them, lining up mountain to pour sea sort's book the black prince is toward the gold.
A kind of thick Hao matchless oppression feeling, leave ground of public be apart from though faraway, still can feel to get the energy motion that that current of air that revolve takes out,, this kind of of terrible feel not and from public heart a burst of shockingly,
sacs a mains lancel;If oneself is near at current of words,, afraiding of the body will be immediately pressed into minced meat,
"Unexpectatively small evil absolute being such terror!Great reputation under, indeed as expected have no falsely ……"
"H'm, unexpectedly have the skill of such violent in action."
"See to the black prince of gold having to be in a mess,"
The person on the ground,
lancel watch, the vision flicker, temporarily rises, not from the regrets is in succession ……
The lotus hides a sky, the facing gold black prince town falls and cover with is all sanctity ray of light in pure white!This is one to let heart in matchless and in fear huge devote major efforts
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